Finally a subscription that really makes sense!

Every month we take you on a journey to exciting worlds of taste:

Our Theyo box surprises you again and again with extraordinary chocolates from award-winning chocolate manufacturers. What exactly is in your chocolate subscription box is always a surprise. We can only promise you one thing: every chocolate product has been carefully selected by us and is Theyo-approved. That means: really good!


We put the boxes together according to a specific theme and provide exciting background information on the curation and insights into the growing areas.

Our fair chocolate subscription

how it works

Do yourself a favor

You choose your chocolate subscription and lean back. We are preparing a box of delicious chocolates!

Look forward to your chocolate subscription

In the middle of the month we will send you your subscription boxes directly to your home or office.

schokoladen tasting 70 prozent schokolade

Take your time for your chocolate subscription

You celebrate the middle of the month with delicious chocolate variety! Enjoy them, share them or treat yourself to a break.

internationaler versand weihnachtsgeschenke mitarbeiter

Fair & sustainable

With a chocolate subscription you get rare, sustainably grown and, above all, fair chocolate varieties from us that are definitely not available in the supermarket around the corner! We choose a new topic for you every month! Supplemented by exciting background information, insights into the countries of origin and tasting tips .

liebevoll gepacktes geschenk

Bean to Bar

Bean-to-bar manufacturers start with fine flavor cocoa. They source rare cocoa beans through direct trade and transform them into delicious chocolate. They do everything to work out unique flavors from the noble beans . We work exclusively with manufacturers who follow the highest ethical standards , operate direct trade and for whom sustainability is more than just a trendy word!

direktversand beschenkte

Comfortable & special

Your subscription box will be sent in the middle of the month. If you order in the first half of the month, your box will be shipped around the 15th of that month. If you order afterwards, you will receive the box in the middle of the following month. Each box is packaged in an environmentally friendly way with minimal use of materials .

Your chocolate subscription

Discover new bean-to-bar chocolates every month from the world's best and award-winning chocolate manufacturers !

  • Five fair, sustainably produced fine chocolate products
  • You have the choice:
    πŸ‘‰πŸ» a vegan 'Classic Subscription' (only dark, vegan chocolate)
    πŸ‘‰πŸ» a 'mixed subscription' ( dark chocolate, milk chocolate & chocolate with additives (such as sea salt, nuts etc.))

  • Shipping always in the 2nd - 3rd week of the month directly to your home or to the address of your choice
  • The best chocolates with background information and tasting tips straight to your home!

+++ Please note: if you order other items in addition to the subscription box, these will be sent together with the subscription box in one delivery in the middle of the month! If you need the items before then, please place an extra order or contact us. Thanks! 🍫 +++

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