CHOCOLATE TREE – 'Peru Whole Milk 50%'

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The chocolate:

The beans in this 50% dark milk chocolate come from the remote Peruvian village of Chililique and contribute to a deep, melt-in-the-mouth chocolate experience!

This 50% dark milk chocolate has a unique flavor profile. Chocolate Tree has extracted slightly acidic and bright notes from Peruvian Chililique cocoa without losing the creaminess and sweetness of milk.

Peru 🇵🇪
Direct Trade:
milk chocolate
Weitere Eigenschaften:
Soy-free, without emulsifiers, gluten-free
chocolate tree schokolade aus schottland

Chocolate Tree

Alastair and Friederike Grower from Chocolate Tree have set themselves the goal of producing the finest chocolates in Scotland under the highest social and ecological standards. In their Scottish factory, the Chocolate Tree team does every step themselves: from the bean to the delicious bar, they mainly produce bean-to-bar chocolate. They obtain most of their cocoa beans from Peru, Colombia, Venezuela and Madagascar, where they have direct relationships with the cocoa farmers.

Cacao cultivation definitely has a tradition in Peru

South American peoples were already cultivating cocoa there 2,000 years ago! In addition to well-known cocoa varieties, there is still an impressive variety of less common, partly uncultivated, flavor-intensive varieties in the Peruvian Amazon region. Peru not only shines with its diversity of varieties, but also with the highest economic growth and the lowest inflation rate in America. And the cultivation of and trade in cocoa is definitely an important industry in the South American country, as more than 50,000 Peruvians earn their living from it. Today Peru is the ninth largest cocoa producer in the world - and even the largest in organic quality!

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About Theyo

As a social startup, we not only want to sell the best products, we also want to help create global trade justice. Our goal is to make the chocolate world a better place by distributing responsibly manufactured products and promoting more conscious chocolate enjoyment. The protection of original varieties, biodiversity and fair prices - well above world market prices - are therefore our focus!

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