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3 fun ideas for virtual meet-and-greet games

ein schokoladiges Kennenlernevent am Laptop als Kennenlernspiel

Get-to-know-you games – whether virtual or real – are a great way to get to know each other or to promote a closer bond between team members. This includes digital coffee breaks, mutual interviews and quizzes about colleagues. You can find out which ones we particularly like here.

#1 Is it me you're looking for?

This game is about you having to guess which person in the team or in the virtual meeting it is about. To do this, you must send all participants a list in advance where they should enter personal details. Make sure you ask about things that are a little bit funny or amazing (for example, you could ask what the craziest thing the participants have ever experienced is, or what their favorite food is). Then share the list of selected facts with the participants and ask them to assign the appropriate participants to the respective facts.

It's best if everyone prints out this list and writes their names next to it. The duration of the game can be adjusted as desired, depending on the number of participants and schedule. It can be a short part of a meeting or – for (project) teams – it can last several days, depending on how difficult the facts are. To win the game, the participants have to talk to each other to find out more about each other and get to know each other better.

If you want to make this virtual getting-to-know-you game more exciting, you can set up breakout rooms. In these, the participants can exchange ideas for a maximum of 30-60 seconds before jumping into the next room. Once someone completes their list, he or she can report and the game is over.

#2 Virtual coffee break

The virtual coffee break is a little more relaxed than the previous game. This is also suitable for project teams as well as permanent teams. It can also be a great aspect of onboarding for new employees or simply a nice way to get to know colleagues across teams.

During the virtual coffee break, (at least) two randomly selected colleagues meet for a virtual drink or a snack to have a relaxed conversation. Especially in times of remote work or home office, the online coffee party is a great virtual getting-to-know-you game to replace the “real” coffee kitchen. The most important rule? Employees are not allowed to talk about work during breaks. Instead, it should help colleagues get to know each other better. To randomly match your colleagues, you can use the Donut Slack app .

#3 Exciting questions to get to know each other

In 2015, The New York Times published a list of questions that psychologists said could make people fall in love. And even if you don't want to go quite that far with teams and colleagues, questions like these are still very useful for getting to know each other. They awaken a strong feeling of connection, are surprising and promote good (working) relationships. Questions like those from the New York Times or our list of icebreaker questions are a good basis for having an exciting conversation. Divide the participants of your virtual event into pairs or small groups and provide them with a list of questions. You can copy the questions in the same way, delete questions or add more.

Virtual getting-to-know-you games are particularly important for teams that need to work together digitally and cannot (currently) meet in the office. They help remote teams feel connected even virtually and get to know each other better in a simple and entertaining way. Such games are worth their weight in gold, especially when new team members join or project teams work together virtually over a longer period of time! It's best to save this list as a bookmark in your browser. We regularly create updates and add more getting-to-know-you games. Would you like to hand over the organization of a virtual getting-to-know-you game? How about a chocolatey get-to-know-you event ? We are happy to take care of the organization, you can sit back and enjoy.

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