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Virtual or on site: the best ideas for a successful conference break

Tagungspausen gestalten - hier mit einer trinkschokolade

Since there have been more and more digital conferences, regular breaks have become mandatory. But no matter whether digitally or on site: even a break in the conference can and should be used sensibly. On the one hand, of course, to ensure relaxation for the participants and, on the other hand, to create a pleasant atmosphere, which in turn reflects positively on the event. Below we will explain the benefits of well-planned and well-thought-out conference breaks, how to organize these breakouts and what creative ideas there are for organizing breaks. Let's go!

Advantages of a conference break at your next event

Both at on-site events and especially at digital events, breaks are the be-all and end-all. A day full of input can be tiring, especially at conferences where the focus is on a specific topic. The conference break offers a welcome opportunity to give participants a short break for reflection and to relax through light entertainment. Creative break design also offers the opportunity for participants to exchange ideas – including digitally – and get to know each other better on a personal level. This strengthens cohesion and promotes exchange between different teams and departments, especially in large organizations.

Stress relief during break

Ideally, the conference break combines a cognitive and thematic break with a relaxing activity. Incorporating a relaxed breakout is the best way for participants to try something new and get to know each other in a new way. This way, networking and relaxation can be combined.

Create added value through active break planning

Ultimately, the participants should also gain added value for themselves by actively organizing their breaks. By offering them additional, novel input, they can use their break not only as a time out, but also as a relaxed opportunity to learn something new.

The organization of the break or active breakout

As already mentioned, the break should be organized in such a way that as many participants as possible are interested in it. So it should be interesting and relevant for everyone, offer something new and at the same time be as suitable for the masses as possible. Our ultimate suggestion follows below (spoiler: it has something to do with chocolate ;-) ). For particularly large (digital) meetings or conferences, you could consider offering different break formats. In this way, participants can choose between different break activities. Depending on what type of break activity you choose, be sure to allow enough time for pre-registration. Are you planning your event as a hybrid event? Here we have put together some tips for planning hybrid events for you .

The right timing: set the time frame

Next, you should set a suitable time frame for your active conference break. This sounds simple, but there are a few points to keep in mind. When is a longer break appropriate? When are breaks for breakfast or lunch planned? How much time should there be between breaks? And for on-site events: how far apart are the rooms? If the active break is at the end of a day, you should keep in mind that some participants will want to return to their families afterwards. At on-site events, the most interesting event highlights should be laid out so that parents can also experience them. You can take advantage of this at digital events: for example, if you offer achocolate tasting at the end of the day, the whole family can take part. This means you also have a great event highlight for parents, who will certainly be happy about it.
The time frame for the conference break itself is also important. Many creative breakouts or meeting breaks last between 30 and 60 minutes. Make sure that the break is not too long, as there should be enough time for so-called “bio-breaks” before and after the active part.

Chocolate tasting A conference break should also be well planned

Creative & chocolatey idea for breaks

From our point of view, there is of course only one idea for the perfect conference break: a chocolate tasting! Whether on site or as a digital event , whether in a large group or in an intimate group: a chocolate tasting is always a good idea! At our chocolate tastings you can combine everything you need for a successful break. The tasting is inclusive (also for parents, people of other religions, anti-alcoholics and many more). Because a tasting – whether with chocolate or other foods – appeals to all the senses, it is an ideal counterpoint to the otherwise rather heady and possibly dry topics. It's an innovative idea because very few people have already done a chocolate tasting. And accordingly, it is an enriching and educational break for most people, as they get to know completely new facets of their favorite candy.

Makes you want to more

You put a lot of effort and thought into creating the perfect break. So let the participants know too! We at Theyo already have breaks for SAP, McKinsey, Google, Roche and many more. organized. We know from the event planners that many participants explicitly stated that they had been looking forward to the chocolate tasting long in advance. The number of participants at sales events was also often much higher than at more “ordinary” breaks. Whether it’s a chocolate tasting or another innovative format! Make sure participants know about it in advance. This will definitely reduce your no-show rate and increase anticipation! So nothing stands in the way of a successful break and, above all, a successful overall event. Good luck!

Would you like to find out more about our chocolate tasting for your break? Here you can find more information about our company offer !

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