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Virtual conferences: what to expect at digital trade fairs and how you can place promotional gifts sensibly

Tipps für virtuelle Messen
Many of our customers have switched to holding their events hybrid or completely online. And even though it was often difficult at first to familiarize yourself with the digital event platforms, this is now almost part of day-to-day business, especially for event managers. And most of the participants have also gotten used to the changes. But how does participation in a digital trade fair work?

Participation as a visitor:in of digital conferences

Almost everyone in the business world has probably already attended a virtual conference and knows the usual functionalities. Event platforms like Hopin , PheedLoop or Whova not only offer familiar functions, but ' Metaverses' -like worlds. Larger events and trade fairs can be held here, live talks can be held, information stands can be set up and many other interactive formats can be set up.
Many virtual event platforms also have matchmaking options based, for example, on similar backgrounds and interests. In this way, exciting one-on-one talks can be arranged or small rounds of talks on specific topics can be initiated. The Theyo team has already carried outchocolate tastings on various event platforms and we were always surprised at the great opportunities the different event platforms offered.

Participation as an exhibitor in virtual conferences

The experiences of exhibitors differ far more than those of participants. Because instead of people passing by your stand because the stand is particularly eye-catching or because word of your good coffee has gotten around, the mechanism works digitally in a completely different way. Attendees browse the exhibitor listings ahead of time to see what they want to watch digitally. Random events and the possibilities to draw attention to your offer look different virtually. Accordingly, contact is not made in person, but via chat or message exchange. Depending on the event platform, you can also see which leads are interested in your offer and initiate contacts yourself.
virtual conference

Benefits of virtual trade shows and conferences

Even if many would prefer to only meet in person after a long Corona period, there are still many reasons to continue holding digital events. Some advantages are obvious: There are no travel expenses and with them the carbon dioxide emissions. Because the participants do not have to travel to the event, many more and more diverse groups can take part. For example, parents can organize themselves much more easily in the home office; Digital participation can also be easier for people with disabilities.
In addition, underlying event technologies - especially for event organizers and exhibitors - enable in-depth data analysis that can help to improve the format and offers. For example, the interest and participation of the participants can be tracked by examining browser inactivity, number of clicks, etc. If, for example, the participants lose interest in a format after a short time, planners can see whether they should adjust the program spontaneously or at follow-up events. Based on a large amount of information, future events can be developed and improved for specific target groups.

Challenges of virtual conferences

While digital events offer uncomplicated and quick access to new formats, it can be difficult to make real and long-term contacts. Whether as a participant or as an exhibitor: if you take part in a virtual conference, you should prepare it well in order to check the presence of others and arrange meetings at an early stage and, if necessary, have preliminary talks.
As an exhibitor or hostess, it can become a new challenge to present your brand adequately in the digital event space and to maximize its impact. The digital conference is a big change, especially for well-known brands with high awareness and strong appeal in “real” event halls! With the virtual conference, companies of all kinds have to relearn how to attract the attention of the participants and how to connect with them in a clever way. One possibility is – also digitally – extraordinary giveaways.
follow up gift

Score with giveaways at digital trade fairs

Since it can be difficult digitally to grab the audience's attention and position your brand well, it makes sense to think about this beforehand. We have tips for you on how to personalize your giveaways and maximize the impact of your brand.

Gifts for participant registration

Are you planning to participate in a virtual conference or are you even the initiator? Then you save a lot of money compared to the on-site event! Room costs, personnel costs, travel expenses and catering are eliminated. Conversely, you should definitely invest part of the saved budget in sending giveaways in advance. On the one hand, this increases the anticipation and - with well-prepared conference boxes - the participants can even appear perfectly prepared at the event. You can enclose a printed program or a hall plan, which in turn leads directly to the virtual stands or talks using QR codes. A notepad, nerve food (e.g. chocolate ), coffee mug or achocolate tasting set for the virtual happy hour can make a decisive difference. We have often heard from our tasting customers that the attractiveness of the boxes sent in advance had a strong influence on the actual number of participants. There was a very high number of participants (just saying ;-) ) especially with the prospect of a chocolate break in the conference .

Gifts for speakers

Gifts for speakers are also a nice way to show your appreciation. Send a tasty thank you gift and show the speakers that you appreciate their time and effort. A small, fine thank you often says more than many words and the speakers will keep you and the event in particularly good memory.

Gifts for winners

Gamified polls, guessing questions, and small sweepstakes are a great way to engage participants and increase interactivity; e.g. as a relaxation during keynotes or workshops. Think of a competition that takes up current content and encourages the participants to deal with it. The winner will receive a winner's box after the event. Remember that with all giveaways and gifts you always encourage sharing and tagging yourself on social media. At our customers' events, we see again and again that people are happy to do so if they are only asked.
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follow-up gifts

Many conference platforms create lead lists for you as an exhibitor, based on data-based interest in your stand or company profile. After the event, send your leads a small gift to thank you for their interest and suggest next steps. If your budget is a bit smaller, go through your lead list and prioritize. International surveys and our in-house Theyo study have shown that gift recipients value high-quality gifts, but would prefer not to receive "off-the-shelf" gifts. So give fewer and better business gifts!

All's well that ends well

Think about how you can create a brilliant finale for your event. After all, the conclusion will be particularly memorable for the participants when they tell others about the event. Our co-founder Madita once held a chocolate tasting as the final event of a large conference. There was an incredibly good atmosphere and the organizers rarely had such good feedback! Whatever you decide: have fun and a successful event!

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