Home office gift: The best care package ideas for colleagues

Geschenke für Mitarbeitende und Koleginnen im Home Office
Are you looking for a care package for your colleagues or employees? Would you like to say “thank you” to your team with a small gift after such a long time in the home office? Then we have several ideas for you! Spoiler: most of them contain chocolate ;-)

What is a care package?

To get straight to the point: after the Second World War, a care package was a food package for those in need in emergency situations . Fortunately, the current situation of your teams and employees certainly cannot be compared to this. What has remained the same, however, is the idea of ​​the care package: even today, a good care package includes food.

What comes into the care package for colleagues?

Who would have thought? Chocolate was a natural part of the care package back then. We therefore think it makes sense to focus the content of the home office gift on this today. Despite everything, you should of course think about what your team members, colleagues or employees would be happy about. Did you perhaps have a favorite snack in the office? Then of course this should not be missing from the care package! Could there be intolerances, are there many vegans or potentially pregnant women in the team? Then we would be back to chocolate ;-) because: compared to many other foods, really good dark chocolate is vegan, alcohol-free and only consists of a few ingredients. So a chocolate box with dark chocolates is not only incredibly tasty, but also a good, inclusive gift!

Chocolate Care: the real (chocolaty) deal!

As already mentioned, chocolate is a basic ingredient for every care package. And from our point of view, the care package doesn't need much more ;-) . Whether it's a chocolate tasting box , a small gift with a chocolate gift box or chocolate in a different state, for example as cocoa beans , cocoa nibs or as a Kumasi cocoa fruit spritzer . There are no limits to creativity when it comes to putting together a really good home office gift. And so it's no surprise that SAP approached us to put together a really nice package with us! All project team members were surprised with a small box of cocoa beans and kumasi in their home office! This makes working from home twice as much fun. The boxes were then opened in a joint virtual event and the delicacies were enjoyed together.

Why is the home office gift a good idea, especially now?

Regardless of whether it is an exciting startup phase, a medium-sized company or a long-established organization: the challenges of the last and upcoming months have demanded a lot from all employees! Even though working from home does have its advantages, it has primarily created new hurdles for most people. From childcare to non-existent workspaces to the use of your own devices. One thing is certain: employees had to work extremely hard and often even use their own resources in order to be able to work from home.
That's why it's more important now than ever to thank your colleagues! And from our point of view, a well-filled care package as a home office gift is the ideal way to say thank you. Last but not least, care packages for employees not only ensure a good mood and motivation! Studies show that positive feedback can particularly contribute to increasing employee motivation. And what better way to express positive feedback than with chocolate ;-)?
Would you like to find out more about care packages for your colleagues and teams working from home? Then please contact us and we will see which gift option is the best choice for you!

Theyo chocolate box A chocolate box as an expression of appreciation

It's a Wrap: frequently asked questions about care packages & home office gifts

What is a good home office gift for employees?
A home office gift for employees - often called a care package - is a collection of gifts that is intended to show the recipient that you care about them and are interested in their well-being. A good home office gift is especially good if it cheers up colleagues, brings them together through a physical element and has a personal touch. The gift can then be opened by everyone individually in their home office or a joint virtual unboxing event can be held. In both cases, a good care package helps to increase employee motivation!

What can I send to my remote team working from home?
From our point of view, there is only one logical answer to this question :-) . We believe that every care package should contain chocolate. Or – even better – it’s a whole chocolate box. Complemented by an exciting book , a really good Bordeaux wine or a bottle of cocoa fruit juice . Add a personal note and the home office gift is perfect!

Where can I find a good provider for care packages or home office gifts?
How nice that you asked ;-) . Come this way and contact us! We look forward to hearing from you!

How much should a home office gift or care package cost?
Of course, you could also give your employees a USB stick or ballpoint pen. But honestly: who should be happy about something like that? A sensible and, above all, fair and sustainably produced care package also has its price. The good thing about it? Your teams will see the difference and will certainly appreciate it if you take a closer look at the package. Whether it's chocolate, coffee or whatever you're in the mood for. Fair and sustainable products have their price. So you probably won't find a really good home office gift for less than €15-20. Of course there are no upper limits anyway. From our experience, however, €150 is usually not exceeded unless there are high-level recipients.

Can Theyo packages also be personalized, for example with a company logo?
Sure, of course! Depending on the size and scope, we offer different personalization options. Simply contact us, choose a suitable home office gift and our chocolate experts will be happy to advise you on personalization.

How many care packages or home office gifts can you order from Theyo?
You can order care packages for colleagues in large and small quantities. In principle, you can of course order smaller quantities directly from us in the chocolate shop . But if you want to make your whole team happy, please write to us in advance. You can then send the collected addresses to us and together we can see which combination suits you best. We look forward to hearing from you.

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