Our 5 favorite pastry chefs on Instagram

Unsere 5 liebsten Konditoren auf Instagram
Are you looking for baking inspiration or decoration ideas for your next banana bread? Or are you like us and just enjoy the pretty creations of the best pastry chefs and confectioners? If you use Instagram, both are just a click away. Here we introduce you to our favorite accounts.

Cedric Grolet

The grand master of patisserie and probably the best-known confectioner in France. Not only is he senior pastry chef at Le Meurice in Paris, he also has a very sizable Instagram account, with a whopping 1.6 million followers. Chapeau! Even if we would sometimes like to see a little more chocolate ;-) we have to admit that his dessert creations leave nothing to be desired. They look perfect and seem to taste just as good. His "signature creations" are desserts that resemble the fruit from which they are made.

Anne Sophie Pic

Anne-Sophie Pic is one of only four French women ever to be awarded 3 stars. It is all the more gratifying that she is still not above sharing unpretentious recipe tips on Instagram and reporting on her atypical career as a chef – she actually studied business administration. Of course, we find their chocolate desserts particularly exciting. But it also offers an exciting insight behind the scenes of a 3-star chef.

Jordy Bordas

We first discovered Jordi Bordas on Netflix and immediately liked him. As a pastry chef, he not only develops very creative dessert creations, but also particularly likes to use chocolate. What makes us particularly happy: in contrast to many other confectioners and pastry chefs, he deals intensively with the topic of bean-to-bar and really good chocolate. And not only that! He even works with whole beans, allowing his guests to travel to the origins of cocoa.

Honeybee Cake

Exciting dessert creations with a Korean touch are available at Cho Eun Jung aka Honeybee Cakes. Unfortunately, most of their posts are in Korean. Luckily, her photos and desserts speak for themselves. In any case, we are always happy about her new posts and insights into a somewhat different pastry world.

Linda Lomelino

Admittedly, Linda Lomelino would probably not be called a pastry chef in the narrower sense... and probably not in the broader sense either. Because she is primarily a food photographer, but a particularly imaginative one. Fortunately, she regularly publishes the recipes for her lovely creations on her blog .

Has the list left you wanting more? Then have a look at our chocolate shop ...or get even more patisserie inspiration .

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