Support your local favorite shop: we are particularly happy to support these small shops

Support your local Lieblingsladen: diese kleinen Shops unterstützen wir besonders gerne
Due to the occasion - support your local favorite shop - we would like to introduce some small shops. And of course we hope that one or the other of you will stop by their online shops. Since we cannot present all partner shops, we have made a small, varied selection of five shops here. From the specialty coffee shop to the beauty salon in Hanover there is a lot - so you can be curious.

The bean cartel from Essen

The Bean Cartel is a "two man cartel" consisting of Max and Alex. About 2 years ago, the two opened their café with a small specialty coffee shop in Essen. As the name suggests, the bean cartel is all about exceptional and high-quality coffee enjoyment. Right from the start, her drive was to create something of her own, to create a unique place for Third Wave Coffee in Essen. They definitely did that with the bean cartel. A small diamond in the specialty coffee scene right in the heart of the Ruhr area. Unfortunately, you can't get your own picture at the moment, but in the meantime, have a look at their online shop . By the way, there is currently a neighborhood delivery service for neighboring districts - Support your locals 💪.
Your tip for the time of crisis? “Staying positive and proactively trying new ways to continue the business. And use the time to work off open construction sites”. We can only agree... and are already looking forward to our coffee tomorrow morning. For updates and nice coffee content, bean cartel is best to follow on Instagram or Facebook .

Max und Alex vom Bohnenkartell Max and Alex from the bean cartel ©Bean Cartel

Mademoiselle Belle Hanover

Mademoiselle Belle – the name says it all: beautician Hannah and her team not only make tired skin shine. In their cosmetics institute in the heart of Hanover, they offer a true oasis of calm and relaxation. Unfortunately, these little moments of pampering are currently falling flat. But don't worry - you can already diligently get vouchers for post-corona. And then start back to life with Mademoiselle Belle like a phoenix out of the jogging pants 😉. Until then, check out Hannah on Instagram , FB on her website .

Mademoiselle Belle in Hanover Hannah in her beauty institute in Hanover ©Mademoiselle Belle

Doris Imhoff jewelry

Behind Doris Imhoff jewelry is - as the name suggests - Doris Imhoff. A woman who turned her passion into a profession more than 20 years ago. Together with a great team they sell selected jewelry and accessories. They conquer the hearts of jewelery enthusiasts straight from Berlin Schönberg. By the way, the beautiful little shop is definitely worth a visit! If you don't want to wait until Corona, you can visit the online shop in the meantime . By the way, stopping by is doubly worthwhile: there is not only a lot to discover but also a 10% discount. For jewelry content and updates, follow Doris Imhoff jewelry quickly on Instagram or Facebook .

Support your local: Doris Imhoff Jewelry The owner: Doris Imhoff ©Doris-Imhoff-Schmuck

Violas' Lübeck

A small shop in the heart of Lübeck: that's Violas' Lübeck. The small town is known to be always worth a visit. And even if a trip is not possible at the moment: save the Violas' in Google Maps and stock up on small delicacies on site. Or even better, if you are from Lübeck, you can currently visit Violas' virtually and have spices and delicacies delivered directly to your home. By the way, the Violas' is also available outside of Lübeck! With a bit of luck, you can also benefit from the delivery service in your cities. Follow Violas' on Instagram or Facebook for recipe ideas and spicy updates .

Are you looking for tips and ideas on how to support your favorite shops, cafes and restaurants? We've jotted down some "Support your local favorite store" ideas here .

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