5 food and cooking shows you shouldn't watch when you're hungry

5 Food- und Kochsendungen, die ihr nicht hungrig schauen solltet

A bit of escapism after work never really hurt anyone. And yet you don't want to watch anything. You've got us lucky, because we've already separated the wheat from the chaff for you and preselected the best food and cooking shows. Happy binge watching ;-)

1. Chef's Table Pastry

Ok, 'Chef's Table' is probably one of the most famous Netflix cooking shows that (almost) everyone has seen by now. And most of you probably know Chef's Table Pastry. Nevertheless, we think it's worthwhile to point out a particularly interesting episode at this point. The 4th episode is about Will Goldfarb, who left his dessert bar 'Room4Dessert' in New York and has been pastry chef in Bali since 2008. He is particularly enthusiastic about the proximity to the producers: never before has he had the chance to have a personal relationship with his cocoa and sugar producers. We admit: we are a bit jealous.


Another exciting Netflix series is the series 'Rotten' (German: "spoiled"). It offers interesting and depressing insights into global food production. We find the fifth episode particularly exciting, because this one - "Bitter Chocolate" - deals with the dark side of our favorite product: the systematic exploitation of people and nature. The episode takes you to the origin of chocolate, to the cocoa plantations. Ultimately, this shows how the cheap prices of supermarket chocolate come about: namely, primarily at the expense of those who have to do the most and hardest work. The cocoa farmers in the countries of origin. By the way: if you are no longer hungry for Milka & Co, take a look at our shop . We only sell socially and ecologically sound chocolate.

3.Symphony of the Soil

In previous blog articles we have already written about the importance of healthy floors. For many foods - especially supermarket chocolate - soils will be destroyed worldwide, which in turn will lead to more tree clearing. You can find out why this is the case and why soil is so important for our food in this unusual documentary. Together with scientists, farmers and foodies you will learn more about where your food actually comes from.


A different kind of cooking show. Michael Pollan is not a chef, but a journalist and Harvard professor who is particularly interested in the cultural connections between people and food. For the series 'Cooked' he travels to different places to get to know new countries and (food) cultures. Especially in Corona times, it is a lot of fun to travel with him and explore the cultural significance of Essen across national borders.

5. Noma - my perfect storm

When Noma is voted the best restaurant in the world, everything changes overnight for René Redzepi and the Noma team. From now on, it was a matter of finding a good balance between "title defense" and imaginative cuisine. We think: the documentary not only gives an exciting, tasteful and very aesthetic insight into 'haute cuisine'. It also shows the people and their emotions behind the scenes.

After putting these great shows together, we realized that they were more about food documentaries and less about cooking shows. So here's a little update - and definitely the caviar among cooking shows - the reference to ' Final Table '. But it's best to just see for yourself...

And if you do get hungry... our chocolate boxes are just a click away #justsaying

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