The 5 best patisserie blogs and influencers

Die besten Patisserie-blogs, hier: Macarons
In a previous post, we already featured about our favorite pastry chefs on Instagram . Since this post was very popular, we are continuing the tradition and presenting our favorite patisserie influencers and magazines to you today.

Pastry in magazine form: Pastry Arts Mag

As the name suggests, Pastry Arts Mag is all about one thing: patisserie. And because we are big fans of all things chocolate and desserts, Pastry Arts Mag is a true treasure trove for us. Pastry Arts Mag digs through the depths of Instagram and uncovers true pastry treasures. Not a lot of eye candy comes around, but above all new follower inspiration.

Melissa Coppel

At her young age, Melissa Coppel is already a real institution in the praline sector. She already has her own (online) chocolate school and is considered one of the top 10 chocolatiers in the US. We are absolutely delighted with her praline creations and the insights into the life of a professional chocolatier. The only downside: Melissa Coppel is cooperating with Cacao Barry. Certainly understandable from a purely professional point of view, but of course we would have preferred a partner from the sustainable chocolate sector.

Antonio Bachour

And not only that! He even works with whole beans, allowing his guests to travel to the origins of cocoa. Antonio Bachour is an award-winning pastry chef and author of patisserie books. Due to his "author's background" he always gives valuable tips about patisserie and chocolate. His desserts are creative, pretty and delicious. Too bad his flagship store is in Miami...

Eunji Lee

Eunji Lee is a pastry chef in a 2-star restaurant in New York. In addition to her beautiful Instagram account, Eunji Lee also has a YouTube channel on which she occasionally posts videos from her events. A great chance to see them in action and learn a trick or two. Also highly recommended are their well prepared stories, which give exciting insights behind the scenes.

Jason Licker

Last but definitely not least: Jason Licker. The award-winning patisserie guru not only has pretty content but also gives tips and tricks for making desserts. Fortunately, he has a similar interest in chocolate as we do. And that's not all: in addition to his (chocolate) desserts, his dog Scooter is always around. For us the perfect mixture of chocolate and dog content ;-) . Besides that

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