Herkunft der Schokolade

Where does the best chocolate come from?

Wo kommt die beste Schokolade her?

Who makes the best chocolate?

Who makes the best chocolate? Does the best chocolate come from Switzerland? Or maybe from REWE around the corner? We say: neither nor! Because the myth that Swiss chocolate is the best in the world has grown historically and is no longer tenable. The situation is similar with the chocolate test by Stiftung Warentest . The chocolate selection is off-putting from the outset; Aspects such as sustainability and child labor are only touched upon in passing. For example, Stiftung Warentest refers to seals that demonstrably cannot keep their promises and thus selects chocolates in the top ranks that neither meet social-ecological standards nor do your taste buds a favor. From our point of view, a total failure that leaves us shaking our heads. But instead of dealing with the question of the best origin of chocolate, it should first be clarified what constitutes the "best" chocolate!

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What makes really good chocolate?

Really good chocolate is, of course, first and foremost ethically produced, made from high-quality ingredients and, above all, delicious. By the way, you can find out how to find such a chocolate here . And how do the delicious aromas get into the fine chocolate? Many factors come into play here: from the genetics of the tree to farm management to the individual steps in the chocolate production. And to pay tribute to these steps, bean-to-bar manufacturers make their own chocolate from bean to bar. The advantage? They make sure that the fine flavors of the fine flavor cocoa beans are not lost. They are also in direct contact with the farmers, know the post-harvest processes and can process the beans in the best possible way.

So where does the best chocolate come from?

One thing is (unfortunately) certain: usually not from the supermarket. Instead, from bean-to-bar makers who, like craft coffee roasters, are dedicated to making the best chocolates in the world. They work with the finest cocoa beans, mostly fine flavor cocoa beans, and gently process them into delicious bars. You can usually only find the fine chocolates in well-stocked chocolate shops, luxury department stores or online - for example with us ;-).

And if you're in a hurry: Which supermarket chocolate tastes best?

And if you're in a hurry: Which supermarket chocolate tastes best? The cravings are there and the online order is taking too long? No worries! You don't have to reach for the next best (or worst ;-) ) chocolate. In many Edekas and organic supermarkets there is now a selection of Zotter or Original Beans chocolate. If you don't have these, try Vivani or GEPA. The latter two are not an absolute revelation for the practiced tongue, but are definitely very suitable for the small chocolate hunger in between.

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You want to learn more about the best chocolate? Take a look atour chocolate tastings or organize a delicious team event with your team!

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