Food Podcasts: the 5 best chocolate casts

Food Podcasts: die 5 besten Schokocasts
Good food podcasts are now a dime a dozen... or flour in the cake? Anyway, many! That's why we'll spare you the obligatory introduction with references to the podcasts by BonAppetit, Olive Magazine or the political food cast 'Racist Sandwich' (nevertheless, we wanted to mention them at least very briefly ;-) ). And instead, let's focus on the finest (English-language) chocolate podcasts in this list.

'The Slow Melt' by Simran Sethi

Simran Sethi has often proved that she knows her way around fine chocolate. As a food editor for the Washington Post, as the author of the great book ' Bread, Wine, Chocolate ' and last but not least with her great podcast ' The Slow Melt '. The English-language podcast is divided into two parts: the first "season" of the podcast takes a look behind the scenes of the fine chocolate industry. It's about cocoa cultivation, terroir, chocolate craftsmanship and tasting aspects. The second part of the podcast focuses on interviews with established bean-to-bar chocolate manufacturers and illuminates their careers as well as exciting topics related to chocolate production.

[caption id="attachment_7080" align="aligncenter" width="750"] food podcasts the slow melt Fine Chocolate Podcast with Simran Sethi © The Slow Melt[/caption]

'The Well Tempered Podcast' by Lauren Heineck

Lauren Heineck - herself a bean-to-bar producer for WKND Chocolate from Barcelona - has created an English-language chocolate podcast with which she focuses fully on women in the chocolate industry. From cocoa farmers to chocolate makers and chocolate book authors to researchers - for ' Well Tempered ' Lauren interviews exciting women who have very different perspectives on the chocolate market and production.

'Chocolate Fascination' by Brian Ruggles

A number of years ago, the American Brian Ruggles founded the Chocolate Society of Utah to pass on his love of chocolate. In addition to an exciting Instagram account, he's now also got something chocolaty for your ears . On his weekly podcast - currently on hiatus - Brian interviews exciting chocolate makers. He focuses on makers from Utah, but has also interviewed other well-known bean-to-bar chocolate manufacturers.

chocolate podcast brian ruggles The Chocolate Cast with Brian Ruggles © Chocolate Fascination

'Chocolate on the Road' by Max Gandy

Max was one of the first to start a blog about fine chocolate . It is therefore not surprising that she is also at the forefront of the chocolate podcasts. Her podcast is a nice mix of interviews and a closer look at cultural, historical and current aspects of the chocolate world. The interviews are usually less about the people themselves and more about specific topics. For example, in one episode Max talks to Julia Zotter about her experiences and assessments of vegan chocolate. And – as the name suggests – the blog and podcast are of course always about the interfaces between travel and chocolate.

The 'Pairing' Food Podcast: 'Bean to Barstool' by David Nilsen

Anyone who has ever taken part in a team chocolate tasting with us - maybe even with a craft beer or wine pairing - already knows our love for good craft beer...with chocolate. If David hadn't started the ' Bean to Barstool' podcast , we probably would have had to do that sooner or later :-D  . In his English-language podcast, David deals with specific aspects of craft chocolate and craft beer and, of course, their similarities and overlaps. To this end, he talks to experts from both sectors about their experiences and assessments.

craft beer craft chocolate

Finally, a note: this list has no specific ranking. We simply recommend listening to all podcasts ;-)

Not a podcast but still entertaining: one of our partner chocolate manufacturers - Mesjokke - has created a playlist for each type of chocolate. So you can complement the enjoyment of the chocolate with an ear candy... with a bit of luck you will have one of their chocolates in one of our boxes .

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