Cocoa from Peru - the Norandino Cooperative


Norandino is an agricultural cooperative that includes 30 farmer associations in northern Peru. The special thing is that the farmers there in Peru place great emphasis on growing cocoa. Coffee and sugar cane are also grown – all organic, of course. The cooperative's farms are located in the coastal areas, mountains and rainforests of northern Peru.

Cocoa from the north of Peru

The cooperative was founded in 1995. Today it has over 7,000 members who grow cocoa on a total area of ​​430 hectares. Despite its considerable size, Norandino 's philosophy is still very much in focus: to advocate for fair trade with solidarity, transparency and democracy and to form a strong voice for farmers together.

Cocoa plantation Peru Cocoa from Peru: the Norandino cooperative

Agroforestry for a better climate

By organizing in the cooperative, the farmers can, for example, further technically develop farming methods. To productively address climate change, members and their programs are currently focused on agroforestry. Expertise in areas such as logistics and export is also made available to all members. In this way, Norandino can stimulate regional development and position itself sustainably in the international market with cocoa from Peru.

And how does it taste?

Curious about what Norandino beans taste like? Then we recommend a board from Goodio from Helsinki . What's particularly exciting at Goodio is that they work with "raw", i.e. unroasted, cocoa beans. This gives the chocolates a very special taste; they appear very fruity. In addition, Goodio works with an old grinding technique, the stone mill. The combination of unroasted cocoa beans that have only been ground with a stone make the chocolates something very special. Goodio also uses delicious “inclusions” such as chai or coffee, which perfectly complement the fruitiness of the unroasted beans.
GOODIO Helsinki GOODIO team from Helsinki ©GOODIO

Header photo by James Trenda on Unsplash

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