Cocoa butter - everything you should know about it

Kakaobutter – alles, was Ihr darüber wissen solltet
Anyone who loves chocolate is often also interested in the components and ingredients. What is in chocolate and what is cocoa butter all about? We answer questions about making and using!
The butter that is produced during cocoa processing is indispensable for a good taste and a pleasant mouthfeel in the chocolate. But she can do much more! What? You can find out here...

What exactly is cocoa butter?

Cocoa beans are the basic ingredient for chocolate. The cocoa beans are roasted after harvest so that they can be further processed. After roasting, the so-called rolling process takes place. This creates cocoa mass, which is the main ingredient in chocolate production. The mass then goes into a grease gun. The grease gun separates the fat from the other components. This process creates two more substances: the butter, about which you will learn more here, and the cocoa press cake. The cocoa press cake can be processed into cocoa powder. The resulting butter is pale yellow to light yellow. It has a pleasant, unobtrusive smell of cocoa and also tastes a little like it.

Cocoa butter cut off with knife on wooden cutting board Unlike butter made from cow's milk, cocoa butter is 100% vegan. © Йоана Петрова via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0)

How much cocoa butter is in chocolate?

The proportion in chocolate is precisely regulated. The Regulation on Cocoa and Chocolate Products applies to the EU. According to this regulation, dark chocolate must contain at least 43 percent total cocoa solids. At least 26 percent of this must be cocoa butter. In the case of milk chocolate, white chocolate and couverture, the value varies depending on the type and creaminess of the chocolate.

Is cocoa butter vegan? And how is it different from butter?

Since this butter is made exclusively from cocoa beans, it is 100% vegan. There are also no steps during the manufacturing process that "contaminate" the cocoa butter, as is the case with some other products. Butter, on the other hand, is an animal product. Apart from the naming and a similar appearance, cocoa butter and animal butter have little in common.

Is there cocoa butter in all chocolate?

Yes, because it must be contained in every chocolate. Unfortunately, many chocolate manufacturers only use the specified minimum and replace large parts with butterfat or other fats such as palm oil. This contributes to the fact that the chocolate is often not as creamy and full-bodied as it should be. By the way: in our chocolate shop you will only find chocolates with cocoa butter - because butterfat and palm oil have no place in really good chocolate!

Does white chocolate contain cocoa?

For white chocolate, the cocoa butter content must be at least 20 percent. However, because this proportion is below the statutory proportion of 26 percent, it is not called chocolate, but expressly " white chocolate". Are you really interested in white chocolate? Here we have compiled the most exciting information about white chocolate .

kakaofarmer picks cocoa pods to extract cocoa butter from them

What do you do with cocoa butter?

It is indispensable for the production of chocolate , but also for the production of couverture and pralines. In addition, there are other uses, which we will explain to you below.

What can cocoa butter be used for?

The fat that results from the pressing of the cocoa mass is well suited for making your own chocolate. Of course there are wonderful types of chocolate to buy. But the production is not complicated at all and is exciting for children, for example. But a chocolate-making experiment at home can also be exciting for aspiring bean-to-bar makers. Making chocolate not your thing? never mind You can also use the butter – like oil or other fats – for frying. The advantage? Compared to some oils or "real" butter, it melts quickly and can be heated up to 200°C without burning.
Ultimately, the cosmetics industry uses them for decorative and high-quality cosmetics. And their use can also lead to great results for your DIY cosmetics! In earlier times, butter was also a sought-after ingredient for pharmaceutical products. Because of its low melting point, it was used for the outer shell of suppositories. In the meantime, however, the pharmaceutical industry has switched to other products.

How does cocoa butter taste?

It tastes slightly like cocoa. However, this should not be taken into account when frying and cooking, because the typical chocolate taste only develops when sugar is added. In a number of countries, cocoa is a product that is often used as a flavoring for savory dishes. If no cocoa taste is desired, there is also butter made from cocoa press mass, from which the cocoa aroma has been removed by steam treatment.

How do you cook with cocoa butter?

In principle, it can be used like butter or any other fat. The butter is available in block form, but also as chips and powder. It is particularly practical when frying when used in powder form. Meat or other fried food is lightly powdered and only a small amount of fat is required. Currently, the powder is mainly offered for the catering trade. Cocoa bean butter is great for vegans because it contains no animal ingredients.

cocoa butter body care

For which care products is cocoa butter used?

A common use is in the manufacture of lipsticks and lip balms. It is also very suitable for skin care products. The anti-wrinkle effect has not been proven, but our favorite fat is often said to have it. It is also widely used in anti-aging creams and lotions, which are said to be effective in treating scars or stretch marks.

What is the Difference Between Cocoa Butter & Shea Butter?

Shea butter is made from the nuts of the shea tree, while cocoa butter is made from cocoa beans. Shea butter is softer and has a milder smell. Vitamins A and E contribute to the antioxidant properties. In the case of butter made from cocoa beans, the positive effect against skin aging that is said to predominate.

And how do you store them?

If you keep them cool and protected from light, they can be kept for at least two years. However, since cocoa butter does not go rancid, it can potentially have a significantly longer shelf life. So trust your senses and see if it's still edible.

How healthy is cocoa butter?

According to researchers, it contains many healthy components, including oleic acid, palmitic acid and stearic acid. Stearic acid is said to have a positive effect on blood lipid levels.

When, how and why do you use them?

In general, cocoa butter is important for chocolate production. Otherwise, it is also used in care products for the skin. In the kitchen, it can be used like other fats, in particular it is a sought-after ingredient for those following a vegan diet.

How healthy is it when used in the kitchen?

It is cholesterol-neutral, so in contrast to other fats and oils it is relatively healthy. The simple dosage is also practical, because less fat is always better than more :-) .
Any questions left unanswered? Feel free to contact us and we will expand this text with more exciting cocoa butter knowledge!

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