Krakakoa: organic cocoa cultivation in Indonesia

Krakakoa: Ökologischer Kakaoanbau in Indonesien
Founded in 2013, Krakakoa has already trained over 1,000 farmers in topics such as organic cultivation, fermentation and how to deal with diseased plants. "Empowering farmers" is their motto - we think it's great!

Krakakoa: Fair prices, fair beans

Indonesia is the third largest cocoa exporter in the world. Aside from quantity, however, the Indonesian cocoa industry hasn't been exactly brilliant so far: dumping prices, inferior cocoa beans and a lack of knowledge on the part of the farmers were some of the problems that Krakakoa identified and addressed. How? With workshops, tools and fair prices for good beans. All farmers from whom they source their beans are required to attend a series of workshops where they learn farming practices and conservation practices. In this way, the productivity of small Indonesian cocoa farms can be increased enormously. This not only improves the quality of the cocoa beans, but also the quality of life of farmers.

The Pretty Chocolates of Krakakoa ©Krakakoa The Pretty Chocolates of Krakakoa ©Krakakoa

The founders of Krakakoa believe in excellent quality, really good craftsmanship, respect for the environment and that people should be able to make a living from their work. We think that's great! And the chocolate they make tastes just as great. It is characterized by cocoa and fruity notes.

Krakaoa Farmer harvesting ©Krakakoa Krakaoa Farmer harvesting ©Krakakoa

If you want to learn more about Krakakoa and their tree-to-bar principle, this way. Bean-to-Bar, Tree-to-Bar, Farmer-to-Bar – you only understand the train station? Look no further - here we explain what the topic is all about and why it is so important! By the way, you can discover the wonderful chocolates from the Indonesian tree-to-bar manufacturer here .


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