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Schokobox Theyo
During the chocolate summer break we had time to rethink our shop concept. We have wanted to make some changes for a long time, especially when it comes to sustainability. In addition to the new box concept - which we will explain here - we have gained an integrative foundation for people with assistance needs as a packaging partner and have switched to 100% climate-neutral shipping. In order to bring you the perfect tasting experience home and to minimize packaging and shipping cycles, we have also decided to only send out individual bars in small quantities and to rely entirely on the box concept.

One box, many flavors

Anyone who has ever taken part in a tasting with us knows that we attach great importance to the selection and composition of the chocolates. We want to offer you as many exciting insights as possible. Different manufacturers, unusual countries of origin and exciting types of production. At our tastings we usually try chocolates around 70%. You can now find a selection of dark - not bitter ;-) - chocolates in our dark box. We are repeatedly asked during tastings whether milk chocolate is the “worse” chocolate. And at this point we would like to make it clear again: there are great milk chocolates! We can only taste the special aromas of the chocolates better during shared tastings if the chocolates do not contain milk powder. In order to give milk chocolates the stage they deserve, we have put together a milk chocolate box.

Searched and found: vegan chocolates and other specialties

At our “dark” tastings, all participants – whether vegan or not – come off equally well. Because the dark fine chocolates are naturally vegan. However, based on various letters and questions during the tastings, we also know that vegan chocolates are generally met with great interest. So far, we have had to answer questions like “Where can you buy vegan chocolate online?” or “Do you also have vegan milk chocolate?” with some reservation. In the future we can now refer to our vegan “No Milk Today” box :- )!
In addition, there were also more frequent questions about chocolate without sugar or with sugar alternatives. This was admittedly the hardest (chocolate) nut. But for you, we spared no expense or effort and tried all the chocolates with sugar alternatives. We have collected the result – the most delicious chocolates without industrial sugar – for you in a “Like Sugar Box”. We hope you like them!

Children's chocolate rethought

'Children's chocolate' is not only known to people in Germany. The various chocolate products are also very popular internationally. We have to admit that we find the name 'children's chocolate' quite inappropriate for the products that are largely made of sugar. Of course, kids think these products are pretty awesome. But who could seriously want people at such a young age to “drug themselves up” with sugar and prevent any taste development? For this reason, we have put together a “Chocolate Kids Box” with really good milk chocolate. In this case, really good means that the chocolates only contain really good ingredients and not - as with industrial products - everything good has been substituted with cheap substitutes.
And ultimately, of course, we find it particularly important that chocolate for children in particular is not made through child labor. That's why our “Chocolate Children's Box” is of course 100% child labor free. And another note from our own experience: we are often asked about good milk chocolates for children. However, during many tastings we observed that children in particular found dark chocolate extremely tasty and were sometimes even able to describe the flavors better than their parents. So it can be exciting to try out the other boxes together with the children.

Buy chocolate “properly” online

We too sometimes fall into the “Amazon pattern”. It should be as quick and uncomplicated as possible, that's what we're used to. And with just a few clicks you'll definitely find an online shop where you can buy one or two (individual) chocolates faster and You can buy cheaper online than with us. By working with our own shop and more sustainable online shopping in general, we have also changed our shopping behavior. We try to buy more per order, but order less often. And of course we focus on suppliers who are fairer and sustainable products.
We have found that it is always worth taking a closer look before sending the order. Especially since ' Fridays for Future ', the sustainability approach is often more apparent than real. So our request to you: feel free to order fair and sustainable chocolate from other, smaller shops, but check the chocolates and the shops carefully before ordering. Where it says fair and sustainable, it is by no means always possible. And if you need tips on how to find your new favorite chocolate, take a look here .

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