Perfect Match: Chocolate and Wine? The most important rules for enjoyment

Perfect Match: Schokolade und Wein? Die wichtigsten Regeln zum Genießen
Perhaps not surprising for connoisseurs: when it comes to pairing chocolate and wine, quality makes the music. So instead of several pairings a week, rather a well-considered pleasure trip with selected products. And even if we tell you many tips and tricks below, you should treat yourself to a wider selection of chocolates and wines. On the one hand, because it's just fun to try different delicacies. And on the other hand, because it often takes several tasty attempts to find the 'perfect match'.

What do you need for pairing?

Participants of our tastings already know this rule: the most important thing is water to neutralize ;-) . The basic equipment for your tasting is also:
  • small pieces of your chosen chocolate
  • White and red wine glasses (+ pouring glass if necessary)
  • Glass of water + still water to neutralize
  • possibly neutral white bread or cooked, unseasoned polenta
  • Quiet
  • Pen and paper (to write down your observations)
  • napkin
  • Decoration (e.g. a pretty cocoa pod )
In addition, it is advisable to avoid strong room fragrances, perfumes, strong hand cream, etc. on the day of pairing. This could be disruptive when trying to find the right pairing. It is also advisable not to eat any strong spices before the tasting in order to protect your taste buds.

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What is the best way to pair it?

#1 Take a small sip of the wine and taste it carefully. How does the wine taste? What do you notice? Do you like it? Rinse with water.
#2 First break off a small piece of chocolate (pay attention to the snap ;-) –you can find out why this is important here ) and try it. If it basically tastes right, then push a larger piece afterwards. Very important: do not chew or swallow, just let it melt slowly on your tongue and distribute it throughout your mouth. Leave the chocolate in your mouth, don't swallow it!
#3 Now take a bigger sip of wine and bring the chocolate and wine together in your mouth and taste it carefully. Only then swallow the newly won station wagon.
#4 The perfect match? Now that you have a sense of how well this combination goes together, you can repeat or move on to the next potential pairing.
#5 When you move on to the next pairing, don't forget to wash it down with a sip of water and/or grab a piece of bread or polenta to neutralize.
By the way: you have discovered the 'perfect match' when it feels like a completely new, good taste experience. Ultimately, as always, the main thing is that you like it. And another note on our own behalf: Our curated chocolate boxes are a good starting point for a great chocolate base for pairing.

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The "little black" among the pairings

Would you like to play it safe and not taste so many different wines and chocolates at once? Then there is an easy way to bypass this. Chocolate and sweet wines such as Gewürztraminer, port, ice wine or even a craft beer (especially porter, stout or something fruity) (actually) always go well with chocolate. Whether white chocolate, milk chocolate , dark chocolate or even 100% chocolate.
There is only one important rule: the wine should be sweeter than the chocolate.
Would you like to learn more about pairings? Here we have summarized the 7 most stubborn myths about wine and chocolate for you.

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