Company event in Cologne? The planning works like clockwork!

Firmenevent in Köln? So klappt die Planung wie am Schnürchen!
For many, Cologne stands for joie de vivre, carnival and – of course – the famous Kölsch. If you add the cordial nature of the people of Köllner, the Rhenish welcoming culture and the numerous companies based there, it is no wonder that the city is also interesting for many young professionals. If you want to integrate new employees and increase team spirit, a company event is always a great opportunity! And now that Christmas is almost upon us, a Christmas party is an absolute must! In this article you will find tips and ideas so that your company event in Cologne will be a complete success!

Make interaction the main condition of the corporate event in Cologne!

Company events are held, even in the sociable city of Cologne, mainly to get to know one's colleagues from a different, more informal side. If a group gets along well with each other, this also has a positive influence on cooperation and performance. Is your goal for the team to get to know each other better at a joint company party in Cologne, thereby strengthening group cohesion? Then be sure to choose events that focus on interaction and communication.

Ideas for a communicative company event in Cologne

Playful competition that requires group teamwork is a great way to build group cohesion. Our favorite for this are city rallies. Not only does a city rally require cooperation and teamwork, but at the same time new employees can get to know Cologne better and have a more pleasant start in the new city. If your team is particularly large, it makes sense to split it up into smaller groups. Organizing a city rally is of course a bit more complex than planning a pizza meal together, for example, but it's worth it! If you don't have time to prepare a city rally, guided city tours are also a great team event idea for companies from Cologne. These don't necessarily only have to go through the classic tourist starting points, as you might think, but can also be on a special topic, head for special, unknown places and thus provide a lot of conversation even after the tour. Even if many of you already know and have tried it: An escape room is also a great way to strengthen team spirit and improve group cohesion.

This team event in Cologne also works indoors

Now that the days are shorter and the temperatures colder, a day outdoors may not be the ideal corporate event. But a team event in Cologne can also easily become a complete success indoors. Here, too, it is advisable to focus on communication and interaction. A good way to get communication and conversations going in the team is to try something new together! And when we say try, we mean tasting. How about a chocolate tasting , for example? Wine, espresso, gin, whiskey, all of these are of course great tasting options for a team event. The advantage of chocolate, however, is that it certainly does not exclude anyone because it is alcohol-free and does not contain any unhealthy stimulants such as caffeine. And: chocolate tastings are still relatively unknown, so the probability that someone from the team has "previous experience" is relatively low!

chocolate and cocoa beans

We at Theyo are happy to come to Cologne for a chocolate tasting. Of course we only have the finest chocolate in our luggage, made from fairly and sustainably traded cocoa! In a Theyo chocolate tasting, you not only try the best that the world of fine chocolate currently has to offer. Along the way, you will also learn many exciting facts about the cultivation of cocoa and the production of chocolate and what really matters when it comes to quality chocolate. If you are interested, please contact us via the Theyo contact form or via our e-mail address hallo[at]

This is how your Christmas party in Cologne will be remembered for a long time!

As already mentioned: Christmas is not far away and when planning a Christmas party in Cologne it definitely makes sense to start planning this special company event as early as possible.

An extraordinary company event creates memories that last

If you want to plan a Christmas party that your employees won't soon forget, creativity is the be-all and end-all. A meal together at your favorite Italian restaurant is nice activity, but not really original for a company party in Cologne on the occasion of Christmas. If you want to host a meal together one way or another, you can easily make it unforgettable: By hosting an additional event within the event itself! So book another activity with the meal: This can be a magician, a band, a wine tasting or, of course, a chocolate tasting . If the evening includes a communicative element, the success of your Christmas party is guaranteed!

Digital corporate event for Christmas in Cologne that works? And whether!

Many companies, also in Cologne, have been forced to significantly improve the possibilities of remote working and home office in recent years. Many teams today also consist of members who live in completely different places in the world. But that doesn't mean that such teams from Cologne have to do without a company event or a nice Christmas party! On the contrary, because during Corona, the possibilities for digital team events have multiplied. This means that everything that is possible in analog life is now also possible in digital. A good example are our chocolatey, digital team events . Our Theyo chocolate tastings are also possible online and experience has shown that they are at least as entertaining as in "real life". To do this, the participants simply get the chocolate boxes sent to their homes beforehand. Our chocolate experts then simply log into the room for the digital company event in Cologne. The chocolate tasting then proceeds normally. Group size isn't limited here either, and the chat feature gives the shy ones on the team a chance to get involved without speaking in front of the whole group!

Employee gifts for Christmas as a special extra

If you want to give your team a special treat at Christmas, employee gifts are the way to go! If you don't really know what everyone in the team could really like, we have an idea :-)

And that it has something to do with chocolate certainly doesn't surprise you! At Theyo, we also offer curated chocolate boxes that make great gifts for your own employees. Feel free to click through our range of thematically sorted, fine, fair and sustainably produced chocolate boxes. If you already know exactly which chocolates you want to send your team, we can also put together a very personal employee gift for you. And: Companies that mean it particularly well with their employees go all out and give away a three-month chocolate subscription ;-) And did you know that there are also tax advantages for employees? In this article, we explain how you can claim these: Your employee gifts will remain tax-free in 2022 !

Speaking of taxes: You can claim these tax advantages at your company event in Cologne

What is unfortunately a limiting factor for many companies when planning team events: financing. At the same time, however, many do not know that company outings and team events can be claimed for tax purposes: for a team day, an allowance of up to 110 euros per employee can be applied. And such a team day can be claimed twice a year for tax purposes, so the budget per person is even 220 euros per year! Possible expenses that can be claimed for tax purposes for your company event in Cologne are, for example, costs for travel, meals, fees or the costs of participating in a chocolate tasting :-)

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