Team building in Munich: Ideas for the next company outing

Teambuilding in München: Ideen für den nächsten Betriebsausflug

For many, the German megacity Munich stands for joie de vivre and enjoyment. This is also confirmed by the consulting company Mercer, which proclaimed Munich as the third-best city in terms of quality of life worldwide in its city ranking. In Munich people not only live, but also work. The third largest city in Germany is also home to numerous companies and corporations. The cohesion of the employees and a good working atmosphere are essential for the functioning of this. Most of the businesses in the city, which is particularly worth living in, ensure this with an obligatory joint visit to the Oktoberfest. But with Corona, the Oktoberfest fell through in the past few years. The pandemic and the ever-increasing rents in Munich also drove numerous employees to work from home. Opportunities for exchange outside of the work environment were close to zero. In this article you will find ideas for a team event in Munich for small groups or large events that are not (only ;)) related to drinking beer and can also be held digitally in a home office and Corona-compliant manner.

Team building in Munich for small groups and large events

Many companies in Munich plan their team building activities around the size of the group involved. The ideas we propose are ideal for team events in Munich with smaller groups as well as larger ones. And they do not exclude participation from the home office. Do you need inspiration for planning such company events in Munich? continue reading

Instead of a "beer tasting" at the Oktoberfest: How about a chocolate tasting?

Different types of chocolate Ok, the title may not have been chosen ideally. It would probably be more appropriate "in addition to a "beer tasting" at the Oktoberfest". Most people will surely agree that a visit to the Oktoberfest with colleagues is fun and obligatory for Munich companies. But what is also a great experience in a group is a chocolate tasting . Because in addition to beer, chocolate is also one of the most popular delicacies in Germany. This is also confirmed by statistics: Only the Swiss eat more chocolate per capita than the Germans per year. So what could be better suited than a chocolate tasting for a team building event in Munich?

Company outing in Munich: off to chocolate paradise

Achocolate tasting with us at Theyo has numerous advantages for companies in Munich planning a group event. First of all, the size of the group is completely irrelevant. A chocolate tasting is just as fun in a small group as it is in larger teams. We have also already carried out numerous tastings completely online or hybrid, i.e. with some participants connected online. This makes it easier for employees who work from home and do not live in Munich or the surrounding area to take part in the team building measure.

What speaks for a chocolate tasting as a company event in Munich?

Tastings as team building measures are certainly not a new idea in the megacity of Munich. There are now numerous team event offers for tastings of all kinds: the classic wine tasting, whiskey or espresso tasting or - especially in the German beer capital - beer tastings come to mind. However, very few have experienced a chocolate tasting. In addition to the novelty factor of chocolate tastings, another advantage is that such a team building measure does not exclude anyone who does not drink alcohol or caffeine for personal reasons. As part of our tastings, you can also get to know chocolate from a whole new perspective. Because even if chocolate is a kind of "basic food" for most people that should not be missing in any pantry, most people know little about the path of cocoa and the production of fine chocolate. We bring you closer to the special features of fine chocolate and show you how changeable our favorite treat can be in terms of taste and aroma.

High flexibility and fun factor guaranteed: A chocolate tasting as a team building event in Munich

Have we piqued your interest. Here is some information about the process of aTheyo chocolate tasting : In our tastings we try between 3 and 5 fine, fair trade chocolates from sustainable cocoa cultivation. A pairing with wine or beer is also possible. Meanwhile, we will give you exciting insights into the world of cocoa, the special features of the cultivation of fine flavor cocoa and why we prefer the bean-to-bar principle when it comes to sustainability. Such a chocolate tasting is possible both online and analogue. In Persona, the tasting is particularly useful for small groups, because everyone gets a chance to have their say and the inhibition threshold is usually lower. For larger groups of 40 people or more, it makes sense to have the event take place online because the chat function takes many people's shyness away and gives us a better overview. In principle, however, both are absolutely feasible, regardless of the group size. If the event is to take place "in real life", i.e. analogously, we will be happy to come to your office or the respective location, with lots of delicious chocolate in our luggage. If the tasting takes place entirely or partly online, we will send the package with the delicacies to be tasted to the home of the online participants beforehand.

More ideas for team building in Munich

Of course, a chocolate tasting is not the only way to carry out a team building activity in Munich. In fact, the offer for (corona and home office compliant) company outings in the Bavarian capital has shot through the roof in recent years. Here are our three favorites, which are possible online and offline and can also be complemented with a chocolate tasting.

Scavenger hunt through Munich or crack virtual puzzles as a team building event

A great way to strengthen team spirit is to solve a task together (which sometimes has nothing to do with work). This can be great with a scavenger hunt through Munich (by that we don't mean choosing the best schnitzel in the Munich restaurants ;) ). What used to be fun at children's birthday parties is still fun today. Those who are particularly motivated can take on the organization themselves and send their employees as a whole or in small groups on a scavenger hunt through Munich. Teamwork at Scrabble If the organizational effort is too great for you, you can of course also fall back on offers from event companies. Or the classic escape room. Incidentally, this can also be played online. Other puzzle games are also possible online, one provider for which is Jochen Schweizer, for example. Afterwards, digitally or in real life, the day can of course end with a delicious chocolate tasting.

A (virtual) concert as a special experience for the workforce

A nice way to make your employees happy is to organize a private concert. Regardless of whether it is real or virtual, this experience is sure to be remembered positively by employees for a long time. When selecting the artist, however, care should be taken to select an act that is as "suitable for the masses" as possible. Even if you personally think Hard Rock or Techno is great, the probability that most of the other members of the team feel the same way is rather low. Maybe you know a "local hero" who comes from your neighborhood or basically from Munich and whose music appeals to most of the employees. In addition to musical performances, other artists can of course also be hired. Magicians, acrobats, balloon artists, ... Get creative and think about what the team as a whole might like best! And what could be a better way to start or round off such an evening than achocolate tasting together? ;)

The classic: A meal together in Munich as a company party

A classic in the world of company celebrations is definitely eating together. In order to increase the success value for the employees, we recommend choosing a special restaurant. A great recommendation is the tavern Der Pschorr. Typical Bavarian food is served there, but not only the classics that everyone knows, but also many traditional, almost forgotten dishes from the region. The cuisine is also a great recommendation. There is reduced, honest and refined cuisine, with ingredients from regional, fair trade and seasonal ingredients. Locations can also be rented in both restaurants if the joint meal is to be extended to a longer event. Of course, we are also happy to come by with our delicious chocolate for an additional chocolate tasting. And how is the whole thing supposed to work as a virtual group event if not everyone is on site in Munich? A great option is to get a catering service on board who will be willing to prepare the menu and deliver it to employees' homes. Another exciting option is to take a collaborative online cooking class. These are offered by various cooking schools, some of which even send the necessary ingredients to the participants' homes. Ellen Kamrad offers such online cooking courses for groups. Of course, we can also carry out an additionalchocolate tasting here. A set table

Tax benefits for company outings

Team building measures always pay off for the company in the end. Because it is undisputed that it is easier to work in a nice atmosphere than in thick air. If this argument isn't enough, the tax advantages might convince you: for a company outing, an allowance of up to 110 euros per employee per outing can be claimed. And that again twice a year. These 110 euros per event per employee should be adhered to, otherwise the additional amount would have to be taxed at a flat rate of 25 percent by the employer or employee. For example, participation fees for a scavenger hunt, fees for concert gigs and restaurant bills can be settled using this exemption amount. And of course participation in a chocolate tasting. ;)

Christmas team building in Munich?

Christmas is fast approaching again and nothing screams a group event like the most beautiful time of the year. Of course, our team event ideas are also suitable for this. Another nice idea: Instead of disappointed faces after the 23rd gnome campaign in a row, our chocolate packages guarantee bright eyes and enthusiasm. If you want to make your employees really happy, take a look at our Christmas offer. By the way: gifts to employees can easily remain tax-free. We explain how in our blog post Gifts to employees:Your employee gifts will remain tax-free in 2022 .

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