Tips for the perfect team event in Düsseldorf!

Tipps für das perfekte Teamevent in Düsseldorf!

Many know Düsseldorf as a fashion location and for its great shopping opportunities on and around the "Kö". But in the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia you can not only spend great money, you can also earn good money! This is because numerous listed companies and smaller businesses are based there. The question that occupies many companies, especially in the current time with a view to Christmas: How can you make your employees happy with a great team event or a special Christmas party in Düsseldorf? In this article we share our ideas on how both small and larger companies can organize unforgettable team events in Düsseldorf!

Tip #1 for the perfect team event: Creativity. Or: Not again to the Italian around the corner ...

That's not to say that Italian food doesn't taste great and cater to the tastes of most. And a meal together at your favorite Italian from Düsseldorf is certainly not a bad idea as a team event. But: Variety brings salt to the soup and if you have often done one thing together as a group or company, it is time to get creative and find a fun alternative!
Above all, events that involve communicative exchange are beneficial for the working atmosphere. Colleagues who otherwise don’t talk to each other that much have the opportunity to exchange ideas and get to know each other outside of the work context. And so any shyness towards the boss can be reduced. In the long term, this reduces the inhibition threshold to approach the superior directly in the event of problems. So which events are specifically suitable?

Laughing team members

If it is a young, fit team, sporty and playful activities that require good communication are a great opportunity to get to know each other better. Kayaking on the Düssel, a salsa workshop, a trip to the nearest jumphouse or lazer tag are just three of the many options. If the teams are more mixed in terms of physical fitness, an escape room team event in Düsseldorf can be a great idea. If it is a particularly large group, this can be divided into different groups, which in turn solve the puzzle against or with each other. Guided herb or mushroom hikes are also very trendy and a great opportunity to get to know the area. An unforgettable memory is also guaranteed by visiting a concert or other show attraction together. Many bands, magicians, art or other acts can also be booked and a private show for staff only is sure to be unforgettable!
Now that it's getting colder again, it's important that the team events can also take place inside. A nice opportunity for an indoor team event in Düsseldorf is exploring new worlds, i.e. worlds of taste. Tastings can be an exciting addition to the options above, or fill an evening on their own. There are also many great options here: espresso tastings, wine tastings, beer tastings or – our personal favorite ;) –chocolate tastings .

Tip #2: Make sure everyone can attend the team event

An essential question that you should ask yourself when planning a team event in Düsseldorf is: Can everyone really take part? As mentioned above, sporting events, for example, are only feasible for physically fit employees. And consider that many ailments or physical limitations may not be visible at first glance. Such as early pregnancies or an addiction problem. Physically very demanding team events or those that involve alcohol are always risky. If there are any doubts as to whether the team event in Düsseldorf is feasible for everyone, the possibilities and options should be communicated beforehand so that colleagues for whom the event is not feasible for whatever reason can (discreetly) get in touch.
An indoor team event option in Düsseldorf that certainly doesn't exclude anyone is ourchocolate tasting . Because chocolate is a stimulant that does not require caffeine or alcohol and is also known to make people happy. Our chocolate tasting can also take place completely digitally, in case your team works partly or completely from the home office. This is also a nice option for international teams from Düsseldorf to spend a joint team event. If the tasting is to take place "in real life", we are also happy to come to you. Such a chocolate tasting takes between 60 and 90 minutes, depending on which package you choose. We also offer tastings in which we combine chocolate with wine. In principle, we are also very flexible in the tasting process, which means that if you have special requests regarding the tasting or the process, this is always possible. If you are interested or have questions about the tastings, you are welcome to write to us at hallo@theyo.de .

Tip #3: Don't skimp when planning a team event, instead claim the tax benefits!

Our last, if not our most important tip for a successful team event in Düsseldorf: Don't skimp on expenses! Because there is little that is more frustrating than a basically well-organized event that lacks that certain something because of a few flimsy euros.
A plant that grows in a pot of money

Speaking of costs: Did you know that you can also claim tax for your team event? An allowance of up to 110 euros can be set per employee, twice a year. The tax-free budget per capita per year for team events in Düsseldorf is even 220 euros! It is important that these do not exceed 110 euros per event per employee. Because the additional amount is otherwise classified as a pecuniary benefit and must be taxed by the employer or employee at a flat rate of 25 percent. Possible expenses for a team event in Düsseldorf can include travel, the cost of meals, entrance fees or participation fees for chocolate tastings ;).

Speaking of the team event in Düsseldorf: what about the Christmas party in 2022?

A Christmas party is, hopefully we all agree, a MUST for companies. Corona has thwarted the Christmas party bill for most companies in recent years. But that doesn't mean it has to be the same this year. Of course, the Corona situation can never be predicted exactly. This is exactly why digital Christmas parties are a wonderful way to make the workforce happy without exposing them to the risk of corona infection.
Many of the options already mentioned are also possible online. For example, an escape room can also be solved digitally. And our tastings can also take place from home without any problems. We at Theyo have been offering our chocolate tastings in digital form since the "first Corona winter". The participants simply get the chocolate sent to their home and we simply connect to the online room for the tasting. So the 2022 Christmas party is saved, right?

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