Ideas for your team event in Hamburg

Ideen für Euer Teamevent in Hamburg

With its countless exciting museums, its distinctive nightlife, the Reeperbahn and its many great corners, Hamburg is known for its seemingly endless leisure activities. For companies based in Hamburg, however, it can still be difficult to organize a nice company party. Basically, planning a team event is certainly not rocket science. In this article, we share team event ideas and inspiration that will make planning that much easier!

At a loss as to which team event is feasible in Hamburg? Here are our ideas:

Before planning a team event in Hamburg, you should ask yourself the fundamental question: What is really important? Our answer is: Social exchange and gaining common experiences outside of the work context. It is therefore important to plan a team event that creates an appropriate framework that encourages communication and thus strengthens group cohesion.

Team event idea #1: A city tour through unknown quarters in Hamburg

Even if Hamburg is the place of work for many people, many, especially those who have moved here, certainly do not know all of its beautiful corners. You can focus on a single district, on the main attractions or maybe even just the area around the workplace itself. Particularly motivated planners can also organize their own scavenger hunt through Hamburg or a small part of the city. Because what was fun as a child still inspires many today. This option is particularly suitable for small teams. If the teams are larger, they should be split into individual groups. In order to prevent the same small groups from always getting together as in the office context, the groups can simply be drawn by lot. This forces the participants to work together with less well-known characters from the work context, improves internal communication and thus promotes the social climate in the workplace.

#2 of the team event ideas in Hamburg: Raft building on warm summer days

Are you looking for excursions in Hamburg that also promote team building? On warm days, a raft-building team event is a great way to build group spirit tools and wood

There are numerous organizers in and around Hamburg who help to put this team building idea into practice. Together as a group or in several groups against each other, boards and wooden hoops have to be assembled into a floating substructure at a raft building team event in Hamburg. This challenge can then culminate in a race in which the freshly built rafts are tested for their suitability. Here, communication and teamwork are the be-all and end-all to reach your goal, which is why it promotes cohesion and team building like few other events.

Team event idea #3 in Hamburg: Explore new (taste) worlds together!

Joint tastings are also a great and communicative opportunity for a team event in Hamburg. That does not necessarily mean only wine tasting, because the range of tastings has shot through the roof in recent years. Whether gin, coffee, cheese, espresso or beer tasting, numerous foods and their aromatic diversity can now be tasted in specially designed tastings. Our personal favorite is of course the chocolate tasting . These are still relatively unknown, which means that the novelty value is almost certainly guaranteed for all participants. Let our chocolate experts take you into the world of fine chocolate and the regions of origin of cocoa in a chocolaty tasting event! An essential advantage of chocolate tastings is that they are basically free of alcohol and caffeine and so everyone can almost certainly take part. Such a tasting event is also possible both online and offline. One option is that we come to your location and do the tasting on site. Or we can simply send you the chocolates straight to your home beforehand and connect to an online room for the tasting. We are very flexible with regard to the course of a chocolate tasting and it can also be booked in addition to other events. A chocolate tasting with Theyo usually lasts between 60 and 90 minutes, depending on which package you choose. Pairings with wine or beer are also possible on request. If you are interested, please send us an email to hallo@theyo.de or submit your request directly via the contact form on our chocolate tasting page .

Christmas party 2022 in Hamburg – you should consider this:

In the meantime we have arrived in autumn and although it still seems very far away: The tranquil Advent season is coming faster than you think and you should start planning the Christmas party 2022 in Hamburg now. Precisely because the Christmas party in many companies has fallen through in the past two years due to Corona, a replacement event this year is more than overdue! But: Even if nobody wants to hear it at the moment, it definitely makes sense to plan the Christmas party in such a way that it can also be carried out "remotely" from home or from the home office in an emergency. Unfortunately, in winter it is not improbable that a new Corona variant will ruin the live Christmas party.

A Christmas party in online format Due to the last Corona winter and the associated online company parties, there are now numerous online team event options in Hamburg. City tours can be conducted digitally, as can escape rooms, cooking classes, dance classes, painting workshops, concerts and much more. And, as mentioned above, our chocolate tastings can also take place online without any problems.

Tax benefits for team events in Hamburg

Now that we have provided you with some team event and Christmas party ideas in Hamburg, one last important point follows: Did you know that you can claim tax advantages for your team event in Hamburg? An allowance of up to 110 euros can be set per employee. Ideally, this will cover the costs of the event. And such a team day can even be taxed twice a year! This means that the entire tax-free sum for planning company outings, team building measures or team events per year even extends to a total of 220 euros per person. This can be used to offset costs for meals, travel, performance fees or even the participation fee for chocolate tastings ;)

Exciting for Christmas or for any other special occasion: tax-free employee gifts

And you can not only claim tax advantages for team events. Employee gifts are simply tax-free! You can read exactly how in this blog post: Gifts to employees: Your employee gifts will remain tax-free in 2022 . Especially at Christmas, a small gift to your own employees is a nice gesture to express their appreciation. Our chocolate boxes are also a great idea. Depending on the focus, these consist of 3-5 delicious, fine, sustainable and fair trade chocolates. And if you mean it particularly well with your employees: We also offer chocolate subscriptions. With these, the lucky subscribers receive a box with the same chocolate once a month. Similar to the chocolate boxes, these differ according to the thematic focus. So if there were previously concerns about the cost of company outings and employee gifts, these should now be resolved. We also hope that we have helped you with our ideas for planning team events in Hamburg. That's why all that remains is to wish you a nice company party or Christmas party in 2022!

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