Planning a team event in Leipzig – this is how it is guaranteed to succeed!

Teamevent planen in Leipzig – So gelingt es garantiert!
As one of the most important economic centers in Central Germany, Leipzig is also the location of numerous companies. And due to its enormously grown creative scene and the numerous cultural offerings that go with it, more and more young people are drawn to the historic city. This development makes Leipzig even more attractive when it comes to choosing where to live and where to work. However, the corona pandemic counteracted this development. At that time, many employees worked from home or decided to make the home office their new permanent workplace and not to move to the Saxon city for the new position. This is exactly why, and especially for remote teams from Leipzig, team building events are essential. They strengthen the cohesion and understanding of the group. And when planning a team event, you can benefit from the thriving cultural offerings in Leipzig! In this article we give tips so that planning a team event in Leipzig is sure to be a success.

Which events in Leipzig promote team building?

If team building is the focus when planning the team event, a few basic things should be considered. It is important that communication is the focus of the event. So choose an activity where the focus is on togetherness and where there is and must be a lot of communication. Playful activities of all kinds are ideal for this. Courses from the leisure sector that have nothing to do with work also stimulate conversations. Because learning something new together creates a bond. It's nice when it's not always the same people talking, but when existing groups are broken up and new contacts are made. It should therefore be ensured that the same small groups as in the office do not always join together. If groups or couples have to come together for the team building activity, they can be drawn by lot, for example.

But now in concrete terms: What cool team event opportunities are there in Leipzig?

Cool team events in Leipzig that strengthen team building

"Analog" team building activities indoors and outdoors

For warmer days, beautiful Leipzig can also be left for a team event. The beautiful hiking area of ​​Saxon Switzerland is only a stone's throw away from the big city and is ideal for classic hikes or geocaching. There are also offers for guided wild herb hikes or mushroom picking courses in autumn and spring. In the cold season, there is no getting around indoor activities as a team event in Leipzig. But there are many options here too. As already mentioned, Leipzig has a remarkable cultural and creative scene. Possible joint activities can be exciting workshops in the creative field. How about a painting or improvisational acting course, for example? There are also numerous museums and exhibitions that can provide exciting input for a subsequent team building event. One activity that experience has shown strongly stimulates exchange in the group is a tasting. And it certainly doesn't always have to be the classic wine tasting. There are now tastings for all sorts of delicacies. Our obvious favorite: chocolate tastings . These are still relatively unknown and therefore certainly an interesting experience for the whole team. In addition, it is well known that chocolate makes you happy - and what is more conducive to the working atmosphere than a happy workforce? ;)

Team event ideas for remote teams from Leipzig

Since Corona, many people have been working from home, which of course makes team building in the work context much more difficult. Of course, we don't want to paint the devil on the wall either, but it can also simply happen that a new corona variant makes it difficult for us to celebrate again in winter. However, it is still possible to organize a nice team building event for companies from Leipzig: there are now numerous offers that can also be carried out online.

A workplace from the home office

From cooking courses to escape rooms and virtual city tours. Today there are numerous ways to move the company party to the digital and still have a great time together. Our chocolate tastings can also be carried out online without any problems. Instead of bringing our chocolates to you and doing the whole thing in a real room, all participants get the chocolate conveniently sent home beforehand. For the tasting, our chocolate experts will then join you in your digital room. In our tasting we introduce you to the world of fine chocolate, tell many exciting things about cocoa cultivation and chocolate production and try excellent, "Theo-approved", fine, sustainably produced and fair chocolate. If you are interested, please use the contact form on the Schoko-Tastings page or send us an email to hallo[at]theyo.de.

Tax advantages for team events in Leipzig

If you are in charge of organizing the team event and already start sweating at the thought of presenting the cost estimate to your superiors, we have good news: company outings in Leipzig can be claimed for tax purposes! You can set an allowance of up to 110 euros per employee, which should ideally cover the costs of the event. And such a team day can even be scheduled twice a year!

A golden Christmas tree ball on the Christmas tree

Christmas party 2022 in Leipzig

Even if it feels like summer was only yesterday: Christmas is just around the corner and the year will certainly be over before we can say "company outing". That's why it's important to start planning your Christmas party now. Ending the calendar year with a Christmas party and celebrating your own team is generally considered good manners. And the same applies to planning a Christmas party as to a "regular" team event. Another nice gesture is to give your employees a little attention. Because a nice gift for your employees puts you in a better mood than the obligatory Secret Santa. One thing you're sure to hit the mark with is our chocolate boxes . And if you even want to top it off: Our chocolate subscriptions also make wonderful gifts! And did you know: Employee gifts are simply tax-free! You can read exactly how in this blog post: Gifts to employees: Your employee gifts will remain tax-free in 2022 .

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