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6 reasons why our chocolate tasting is the perfect idea for your bachelorette party!

"Bride"-Schriftzug als Deko bei einem JGA

Hen parties have increased significantly in importance in recent years. In addition, many brides today want a more quiet JGA instead of traveling through the city center in a belly car, which significantly limits the choice. With this in mind , if you are looking for ideas for the perfect bachelorette party, you are definitely on the right track here! Because a self-guided chocolate tasting from Theyo makes your friend's JGA something very special! Here you will find six reasons why our chocolate tasting is the perfect idea for your bachelorette party.

Reason #1 for a JGA chocolate tasting: Everyone likes chocolate!

Simply finding a date that suits everyone involved in the bachelorette party often involves numerous calls, messages and doodle lists. Once you have agreed on a date, you have to choose an activity that everyone can take part in... For example, a wild wine tasting is great fun, but excludes pregnant women, not to mention wild trips to the nightlife . In addition, many brides want to spend their bachelorette party quietly, which further narrows down the ideas. That's exactly why a chocolate tasting is the perfect JGA: because everyone likes chocolate! And the chocolate tasting can perfectly complement a quiet JGA, or, for example, at the beginning of a somewhat wilder evening or day!

Reason #2: No one has ever had a chocolate tasting as a bachelorette party before you!

The frequency of weddings increases immensely at a certain stage of life. And therefore logically also the bachelorette parties. When the fifth wedding invitation including a bachelorette party arrives, enthusiasm is often - unfortunately - limited. The organization and flow of the events are usually similar down to the smallest detail. This means that the creativity of the organizers of the JGA is severely challenged. If you've already had a lot of JGAs in your circle of friends, the options shrink considerably.

But certainly no one has ever experienced a chocolate tasting at a JGA! The great thing about chocolate tastings is that they are still very unknown compared to other tasting formats such as wine, whiskey, gin or coffee tastings. Because hand on heart: Which of you has ever plunged into the world of cocoa flavors in an organized manner?

In this context, a little fun fact: Did you know that cocoa has more than 600 different aromas? More than the tasting classic wine, by the way.

Reason #3: A chocolate tasting is independent of the location of your bachelorette party

Have you already planned most of your JGA and decided on the place and time? Are you looking for an activity to round off your day with? Then our self-guided chocolate tasting is just the thing! Another advantage is that this is completely independent of the location of your JGA: The tasting comes directly to your home as a ready-packed box, including all the products you taste, as well as tasting materials, instructions and online videos. The practical box doesn't take up much space and can basically be taken anywhere. No matter where and how you planned the JGA, a chocolate tasting can be easily integrated into the day. It really couldn't be easier!

Reason #4: The organization of the bachelorette party is minimized with a chocolate tasting

If you decide to have a chocolate tasting as a bachelorette party, you'll kill two birds with one stone: Firstly, you'll have a great event with which you can sweeten this special day. Secondly, you minimize the effort for the maid of honor or best friend to plan the JGA. Because as already mentioned, the tasting box for your bachelorette party comes to your home fully planned. On the outside you will find the preparation instructions for the tasting, which require little effort. If you have done this shortly before the tasting begins, the tasting box is ready for use and everything else is completely self-explanatory. Our digital self-guide guides you step by step through the tasting, where you immerse yourself in the exciting aromas of fine cocoa, learn more about the cultivation of cocoa and the production of chocolate and can playfully compete against each other while tasting the chocolate.

Reason #5: At a chocolate tasting as a JGA you can enjoy finely curated gourmet products

We at Theyo love chocolate! Fine bean-to-bar fine chocolate makes our hearts beat faster, especially in combination with other delicious and sustainably produced products. We want to share this passion with you, which is why we only pack the finest products in the tasting box for your bachelorette party:

The box contains three different bean-to-bar fine chocolates, as well as a sparkling wine and another wine to pair with one of the chocolates. And our delicious Theyo drinking chocolate will also be part of your JGA chocolate tasting.

Reason #6: Become the tasting host of your JGA – or book a Theyo professional!

As we have already mentioned, our JGA chocolate tasting is designed as a self-guided tasting. This means that to carry it out you only need the tasting box, which contains all the necessary materials - the products to be tasted as well as instructions and information. Equipped with this, you can easily hold the tasting with the bride's closest friends and you will become the chocolate host of your JGA tasting! This ensures that the bride only has her favorite friends around her on this special day.

However, would you like to delve extra deeply into the topic of chocolate and let yourself be completely guided during your tasting? No problem! At Theyo you also have the option of booking one of our professional chocolate hosts. When it comes to chocolate tastings, we have now gained a lot of experience: in a total of several hundred tastings, online and offline, we at Theyo have opened up the exciting aromatic world of cocoa to numerous people. Depending on the location of your JGA, a Theyo tasting host can also come to your chocolate tasting or join in online. Are you interested? For further information, please feel free to contact!

four friends laugh together at a JGA A chocolate tasting is at the same time a calm, fun and fun activity for a bachelorette party (Photo by Genessa Panainte on Unsplash )

FAQ about the self-guided chocolate tasting as a bachelorette party

Can I adapt the tasting to my personal needs, for example leave out the wine completely?

In any case! In this case, simply send us an email to and we will put together the perfect bachelorette tasting box for you, according to your wishes!

How far in advance do I have to book the chocolate tasting?

If you order the box that we put together normally without any special requests, the package will usually arrive at the latest within 5 working days. If you want to change the contents of the box, it may take a little longer.

What is the self-guided tasting process like?

Basically, we don't want to spoil too much about the process. However, we would like to tell you a few points in advance: The tasting begins with a short explanatory video in which you learn the exact process and the “rules of the game”. Afterwards the tasting starts, you try out the contents of the box and find out more about the respective products, their manufacturers, why we chose them and of course about the exciting world of cocoa. During the tasting you can playfully collect points and choose a winner at the end. By the way, the tasting not only includes chocolates, but also two alcoholic drinks (which participants who want to avoid alcohol can simply leave out) and our delicious Theyo drinking chocolate . If you want to make the tasting completely alcohol-free, you can also send an email to and we will make sure that you have a great, chocolaty bachelorette party even without sparkling wine.

Is the box also suitable for people with allergies and intolerances?

The chocolate products contained are made from dark fine chocolate and are therefore naturally vegan and free of allergens. However, the wine products may contain allergens. As already mentioned, people who suffer from allergies can easily skip the two wines and still have a great tasting. And our drinking chocolate also tastes great with vegan milk alternatives!

Header photo by Julian Hochgesang on Unsplash

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