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Ideas for the perfect bachelorette party - this is how the planning will definitely work!

fröhliche Freundinnen beim Junggesellinnenabschied

Are you currently organizing a bachelorette party? So, are you already tearing your hair out? Organizing a bachelorette party is certainly not the easiest task. First, all of the bride's important friends must be contacted and agreed on a date. Then it should be an event that appeals to all participants. With the aim that it will be simply unforgettable for the bride, of course. But no reason, everything is possible and you are not the first to be in this situation. To make it a little easier for you, we have summarized tips for planning a JGA and ideas for it in this article. About quiet, exciting, low-budget and extraordinary: we promise there is something for every bride!

Before you start planning: What does the bride want for her bachelorette party?

One thing is clear: at a certain point in time, the wedding invitations start to pile up and with them the bachelorette parties. If many friends from the same circle of friends get married one after the other, it can easily happen that the next JGA has to be even more spectacular than the previous one. Before you as an organizer follow this logic and fall for the system, be sure to ask yourself before planning: Is this really what is important to my friend? Because that is ultimately the point of a JGA, to give the bride an unforgettable day together with her best friends.

When collecting ideas for the bachelorette party, think about what hobbies the bride has that could be put to good use at a bachelorette party. Whether there is something the bride has always wanted to do... Whether the bride likes quiet or wild activities and so on...

Maybe she has already given you or another friend hints about how she imagines her own JGA. It's definitely worth asking around and perhaps thinking about it together. And if you get stuck and want to be on the safe side, you can also ask the bride herself! Because before you base your planning of the JGA on wild speculation, you can shamelessly get a few directions from the person who will be the center of attention on the day!

    "Who's coming to the bachelorette party"? and “When is the JGA taking place?”

    Before you start planning the event, you have to answer two questions.

    First: Who should be invited? Normally, the bride's best friends are invited to a JGA. Here, too, you can feel for the bride who she would like to have there. The person organizing the event, usually the maid of honor or best friend, then has to contact the others. And – here we come to the next question – arrange an appointment that suits everyone.

    “When will the bachelorette party take place?”, solving this question is often the most difficult part of planning. It's best to free yourself from the claim that it's like in the Hollywood films on the day or night before the wedding. Because on this day the bride is usually too excited to really concentrate on the activities. And if some alcohol is involved, the prospect of a hangover on this special day is certainly not very tempting...

    Basically, the weekends before the wedding are best for a JGA. This means there is a high probability that all participants will have time off. The online tool Doodle can help to estimate which appointments most or even everyone have time for. And to block the day for the bride too, you can get the groom on board and make him your JGA accomplice. He can then use an excuse to keep the day free for you.

    Money, money, money... Be sure to discuss the budget beforehand

    The bride doesn't pay for her JGA. This means that each participant traditionally pays her share, plus a share of the bride's costs. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises and to enable all friends to participate, you should definitely discuss the budget beforehand.

    Ideas for a quiet JGA

    Glasses filled with cocoa nibs toast to a nice, quiet JGA A quiet JGA can be a great way to appreciate your shared friendship and relax

    Once you have agreed on a date and a budget, you can finally start planning! If the bride wants a quiet bachelorette party and you are looking for ideas, you will find them here.

    A wellness day or weekend as a bachelorette party

    An absolute classic for a quiet JGA is a trip to the spa. Here you are completely free whether you treat yourself to a whole weekend or just spend a day there together. Of course, that also depends on the appointment. In the spa you can go to the sauna together, swim, feast and sip champagne. Options for cosmetic treatments or massages are often also offered. Absolute relaxation!

    If you have more time: Plan a trip and book great accommodation!

    If you can devote a little more time - and budget - to the bachelorette party, you can also take the bride to a quiet area for a weekend. Of course, the mountains, the beach or simply beautiful hiking areas such as Franconian Switzerland or the Black Forest are ideal for this. Rent a nice accommodation and enjoy the bachelorette weekend while hiking, actively relaxing, playing games...

    Get creative with your bachelorette party and learn something new!

    A nice way to have a quieter bachelorette party is to learn something new together in a day workshop. From macramé, fermentation, pottery, rose cutting, beekeeping and beer brewing... the possibilities are endless. Here you can either get external help and bring in a professional to explain the respective activity to your group, or organize the workshop yourself.

    Complement your quiet JGA with a chocolate tasting!

    Are you looking for that certain something to round off your quiet JGA? Then how about a chocolate tasting? You can completely immerse yourself in the exciting aromatic world of cocoa! And the great thing: You can take our box, which was specially designed for JGAs, with you everywhere and is completely self-explanatory! You can find more information here

    Ideas for a wild bachelorette party

    Toast to a great JGA with delicious drinks In addition to many delicious drinks, a wild JGA includes many other activities (Photo by Helena Yankovska on Unsplash )

    A classic, wild bachelorette party usually involves tons of alcohol, coordinated T-shirts, chores for the bride, and the obligatory belly load. However, that doesn't have to be the case. For brides who love exciting activities, there are numerous alternatives that are significantly less embarrassing and still at least as entertaining for everyone involved. Here are our favorites:

    A trip to an amusement park as an exciting JGA

    A trip to an amusement park is a great option for a slightly wilder JGA! No matter whether you go to Europa Park, to the smaller Legoland or even to Disneyland in Paris. The choice of which of course also depends on your budget.

    By the way: Many theme parks have special offers for bachelorette parties, including for the associated hotels. Be sure to check the parks’ websites!

    A trip together to an exciting city

    For this option you will also need a little more time and budget. But a city trip with your best friends smells of adventure, fun and excitement. On site, the group can also split up if it gets too wild for one part and pursue quieter alternative activities. Basically, many destinations are ideal for a wild bachelorette party. Amsterdam, Berlin, Ibiza, Paris or Prague, for example, are great cities that are also or especially known for their nightlife.

    Kidnaps the bride to the casino

    What the guys in Hangover could do, brides have been able to do for a long time! A great option for a wild JGA is a trip to the casino. Put on a great outfit and hit the poker tables in the casinos for a night. A bachelor party like this will definitely stay in your memory for a long time!

    Jump into marriage – A bungee jump or other exciting extreme sports as a wild JGA

    Is your bride known for seeking an adrenaline rush or has she simply always wanted to skydive? Then the bachelorette party is just the thing! No matter what activity, paragliding, parachute or bungee jump, water skiing or house running, your bride is sure to get an adrenaline rush!

    If you want to do an exciting activity in a group, there are many options here too. An example is white water rafting, a trip to the high ropes course or steep wall climbing. Afterwards you can go out to dinner with the bride or end the evening in a bar so that the JGA doesn't end too abruptly.

    Even a wild JGA can be perfectly complemented by chocolate

    We think: Chocolate makes every day, every activity and every bachelorette party even more beautiful. If you also want to give your wild JGA a somewhat quieter component, our JGA chocolate tasting is a great option. You can immerse yourself in the senses and the exciting flavors of chocolate and lower your adrenaline levels together! Here is further information.

    Bachelorette parties for small budgets!

    Friends hold each other in their arms at a JGA together The most valuable thing about a bachelorette party is the time you spend together (Photo by Vonecia Carswell on Unsplash )

    We admit that many of the suggestions mentioned here are not necessarily favorable for the participants. Especially because it's the friends who organize and pay for the JGA. But a bachelorette party doesn't always have to be expensive and extravagant to be a complete success. Here you will find JGA ideas that are budget-friendly and still a lot of fun!

    Organize a scavenger hunt for the bride

    What used to be an absolute hit at children's birthday parties also works at bachelorette parties: a scavenger hunt. And this can take place in a variety of places: whether outside, integrated into a beautiful hike or in your brides' (home) town. This JGA definitely involves some organizational effort, but it is definitely worth it.

    Hidden clues for the bride that lead to the next one, combined with puzzles and let the whole thing end with a personal surprise! The whole thing can also follow a specific motto, for example if the bride has a favorite series or a special hobby, the scavenger hunt can be themed around that.

    Bachelorette party “Journey into the past”

    This JGA also involves a little more organization and is especially for friends who have known the bride for a while. The location of the event should be a city in which the bride has lived for a long time, be it when she was still at school or during her training or student days. Plan a tour there to all the important places, to the bars, cafés, shops, parks, ... where you can think of a story with the bride.

    The whole thing can be wonderfully combined with drinking games, or simply with a little refreshment, a coffee or a snack at the appropriate places. It will be even more fun if you prepare an outfit for the bride for each location that transports her back to that time.

    The bridal shower as a cheap and great bachelorette party

    The bridal shower is still relatively unknown as a JGA and is similar to the baby shower that comes from the USA. And it goes something like this: The bridal shower usually takes place at the bride's home or at one of her friends' homes. The focus of the day is on celebrating the bride in a personal setting. This can be achieved with small games, delicious food and gifts for the bride. With nice details like matching decorations, you can make this day something very special for the bride!

    A self-guided chocolate tasting as a cheap bachelorette party

    And in this category we would like to once again point out our self-guided chocolate tasting as a JGA. The costs for this only amount to the price of the box. And if you do the tasting in a relaxed manner, it can fill an afternoon and count as a separate event for a bachelorette party! Are you interested? You can find more information here!

    FAQ about bachelorette parties

    What can you do on a bachelorette party?

    The possibilities for a fun JGA are countless. The most important thing, however, is to prioritize the bride's preferences and choose the activity accordingly. You can find ideas and suggestions for bachelorette parties in the article above!

    Who pays for the bride’s JGA?

    What's important is that the bride doesn't pay anything for her JGA! The costs of the JGA are traditionally borne by the participating friends, which means that each individual pays her share as well as a percentage of the bride's costs - ideally divided evenly. To avoid unpleasant surprises, you should definitely clarify the budget as a group in advance. Otherwise there is a great risk that the maid of honor will end up with the costs or that some friends will have to cancel because, for example, a trip to Ibiza is not financially feasible for them.

    What do you call the bride's bachelorette party?

    Quite simply, this is the bachelorette party .

    What shouldn't be missing from the JGA?

    We at Theyo have a very clear answer to this question: chocolate! Do you completely agree with us? Then take a look at our self-guided chocolate tasting for JGAs! :-)

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