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It's a Wrap: 5 ideas for sustainable gift wrapping

Nachhaltige Geschenkverpackungen als Alternativen

Wrapping paper is one of the most wasted materials - and not just at Christmas. In the USA, over $3.2 billion is spent annually on wrapping paper , which ultimately ends up in the trash. In the UK it is estimated that with the annual mountain of wrapping paper waste the earth could be wrapped 9 times over . One can only imagine what this means for the environment. In order to reduce these mountains of waste or perhaps even prevent them from occurring at all, we have put together 5 tips for sustainable gift packaging for you.

#1 Oldie but Goldie: breathing new life into old comics etc

Who does not know that? You just don't really want to part with certain comics, magazines or even pretty old maps. At the same time, it is often clear that you will never look inside again. So how about you don't let them collect dust, but instead use them as pretty wrapping paper? Beautiful photo series from magazines, well-known comics, old sheet music or used maps make incredibly good gift wrapping and from now on no longer have to be left on the side of the road or rot in the basement.

#2 No effort: decorate kraft paper with ribbons and flowers

Kraft paper, old craft paper or leftover wrapping paper. Just use what you have at home. Paired with gift ribbons from last Christmas, pretty grasses or dried flowers - and you have the perfect sustainable gift packaging.

#3 Environmentally friendly DIY: sew sustainable gift packaging yourself

DIY videos and instructions are a dime a dozen. And instead of a collage made from old corks or a homemade fertilizer made from cocoa shells (yep, also good ideas ;-) ), we suggest using the DIY approach to gift wrapping. You can give old fabric scraps and even old clothing a second, meaningful life. Simply make beautiful and sustainable gift packaging from any fabric you can get your hands on: fabric bags in all sizes , colors, shapes and patterns are the perfect gift packaging. As soon as you have sewn a small fundus, you will have peace of mind. Complemented by beautiful branches or flowers, the fabric bags look particularly impressive. You want it to be extra practical: Instead of a decorative gift bag, you can of course also use a self-sewn bag or apron as a bag. Then you have a gift within a gift!

#4 Zero Waste: traditional Japanese packaging

Not exactly cheap but guaranteed to be reusable and very pretty: Japanese 'Furoshiki' cloths for sustainably wrapping your gifts. You can sew the cloths yourself and get fabric from your local fabric store. Or you can take a look at Etsy & Co. When it comes to materials, make sure that they are as organic as possible and do not contain any harmful substances. The prettier and more versatile the fabric and pattern, the more frequently and longer the furoshiki will be used.

#5 Return to Sender: Gifts in maxibox format

We are big fans of wrapping gifts within gifts, whose gift packaging can then "live on" as a postal package. How practical that we have found a solution for exactly this: gifts of money, small books or jewelry in particular look perfect in our Theyo tasting box. And the best thing: the chocolates in the box are all sustainably grown, without child labor and at the same time so delicious that no leftovers end up in the trash. The outer packaging can then also be used as a maxi letter shipping box. And even the chocolate wrappers are so pretty that you can make bookmarks out of them. Have fun packing and giving!

Header photo by micheile henderson on Unsplash

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