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Five reasons why a chocolate subscription is the perfect gift

ein leckeres und informatives Schokoladenabo in der Box

Christmas is almost around the corner again, which means the great consumer craze can begin. In addition to the numerous holidays such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day and of course the birthdays of our loved ones, Christmas has now become a pure battle of materials for many people. But the fact that the madness of uninhibited consumption is no longer justifiable given the climate crisis and dwindling resources is no longer news to most people. Are you also looking for a gift that is sustainable and creative and from which the recipient will benefit for a long time? Then our new Theyo chocolate subscription might be just the thing for you! In this blog post you will find out everything you need to know about our subscription and five reasons why our chocolate and the subscription option is the perfect gift for all occasions!

The first and most obvious reason: fine, fair and new chocolate delivered straight to your door every month

The first reason is certainly the most obvious. With our chocolate subscription you get three months of the finest chocolate enjoyment!
Each subscription box contains five different, fair and sustainably produced chocolates. The chocolates are thoroughly checked by our Theyo team, or bean and pod, according to both quality and sustainability criteria. The contents of the boxes come from different manufacturers. They all specialize in fine chocolates made from rare types of cocoa. So if you want to give away high-quality and fair chocolate, you can save yourself the search and simply pass this task on to us.

The chocolates that are sent to you with the subscription boxes - you can be sure of this - only contain selected ingredients. The manufacturers of the chocolate refrain from adding unnecessary additives. Because these can mask nature’s own chocolate taste. In general, the rule of thumb is that the fewer ingredients there are on a list, the higher quality the chocolate is.
In addition, the recipients are made aware of the topic of sustainable and fair cocoa cultivation in a nice and unobtrusive way. This also leads ideally into the next point, because:

Reason two: Our chocolate subscription boxes are good for your ecological conscience!

Unfortunately, we have to go back a little further for this argument:

The negative effects of conventional cocoa cultivation

The cocoa plant naturally only grows in the strip 20 degrees south and north of the equator. So you can say she has her demands. The demand for chocolate and products containing cocoa is increasing more and more every year. That's why, for decades, only a few types of cocoa have been grown in monocultures for conventional supermarket chocolate. However, such monocultures are incredibly bad for the respective ecosystem because the biodiversity in the growing areas decreases massively. Attempts are also being made to constantly expand the cultivated area and the rainforest is being further and further cut down. In addition, the cultivation of industrial cocoa, which mainly takes place in West Africa, often involves child labor .
Unfortunately, the reality is that buying regular chocolate indirectly promotes deforestation and child labor. At the price at which chocolate is sold in supermarkets, it is simply impossible to produce high quality chocolate to fair standards. In this blog post you will find out why good chocolate has its price .

Bean-to-Bar: the solution to the problem

With the Theyo chocolate subscription as a gift, you can be sure that you will only receive sustainable chocolate from fair cocoa cultivation. All chocolates in our range are made using the bean-to-bar principle. This means that the chocolate manufacturers accompany the entire production process. From the bean to the finished bar, they try to do everything themselves and thus ensure the greatest possible transparency. Ultimately, this principle is the only way to produce truly fair chocolate.
We also try to make the subscription option as sustainable as possible. We ship climate-neutrally and use sustainable packaging materials. The first box is sent in our classic cardboard box and, in addition to the chocolates, contains information materials such as our booklet. The subsequent deliveries are then limited to the essentials – the chocolates, of course – and come in grass paper packaging. This is 100 percent recyclable and can simply be disposed of with waste paper. The new chocolates can then directly take the place of the chocolates in the first box, which ideally have already been snacked on. :)

Gift subscription with delicious chocolates and exciting information A chocolate subscription is not only delicious but also informative

Reason three: Our gift subscription turns you into chocolate connoisseurs

In addition to the tasting tips, the chocolates in the box also contain information about their origin and the manufacturer. In addition to the great taste experience, our subscription also offers the opportunity to learn more about the process of chocolate production, find out more about the producers and thus establish a connection to the individual chocolates. There is a high risk that chocolate subscribers will become real chocolate nerds!

Reason 4: Our chocolate subscription is fun for three months!

Are you looking for a way to keep the recipient happy for a longer period of time? With the Theyo subscription box, you can be sure that your gift will be remembered for at least three months.
Because: the subscription period is three months. We think this is the perfect time to get a first insight into the world of fair chocolate! For 80 euros, subscribers receive a box full of fair and fine chocolate, pairing tips and discount codes for our online shop every month for 3 months.
Are three months too long for you as a gift? Of course, there is always the option of sending a single chocolate box as a gift. Please take a look at our online shop .

Reason 5: The chocolate subscription is ideal for tasting the chocolate together!

Ultimately, the best gifts are always those that involve spending time together - and from which you can benefit a little yourself. Our gift subscription can be wonderfully combined with an invitation that is certainly not altruistic. Suggest that the recipient taste the chocolate together one evening or afternoon. In addition to delicious chocolate, you also give the gift of time together and even have something from your sustainable gift. You can read here how you can ideally organize your own chocolate tasting.

Even though a subscription is of course a great gift, it should be noted at this point that it is of course also a great way to treat yourself to sustainable and fine chocolate every month. :)

FAQ about the Theyo chocolate subscription

Why is our chocolate subscription more exciting than one from Milka or Lindt?

The Theyo chocolate subscription provides you with fine chocolate from fair and sustainable cultivation every month. In addition to the magical chocolates, we will send you information about their special features, the cocoa beans used and the cocoa countries of origin. With our chocolate subscription you can firstly enjoy high-quality chocolate and secondly easily deepen your knowledge of chocolate.

What makes our monthly chocolate subscription so special?

We attach great importance to quality and sustainability when selecting the chocolates for our subscription (as well as for our shop and ourtastings ). This means that in our chocolate subscription you can expect fantastic chocolates every month that have been produced in accordance with the bean-to-bar principle and that you can therefore enjoy with a completely clear ecological conscience!

Why our chocolate subscription is particularly fair?

Unfortunately, when it comes to 'fair' growing conditions for products such as cocoa, seals and certifications are not always really meaningful ( we have already spoken in detail about the criticism of the Fairtrade system in this blog post ). In order to guarantee truly fair conditions, chocolate producers must know about every step and every wage of those involved in the production process. So, among other things, exactly which beans the farmers use, how they grow the cocoa, how much they pay their farm workers, how they process the cocoa, how much they pay their suppliers, ... Participation in the entire manufacturing process is also bean-to- called the bar principle – from the bean to the finished chocolate. The manufacturers of our chocolate all follow the bean-to-bar principle. With a Theyo chocolate subscription you get 'very particularly fair', or simply really fair, chocolate delivered to your home.

Why our chocolate subscription is more than organic?

Sustainability in the ecological sense can be guaranteed, at least to a certain extent, through organic farming. In organic farming, attention is paid to the moderate use of pesticides and plant protection products. Nevertheless, organic farming is not the same as sustainable farming. Because cocoa with an organic seal still mostly comes from monocultures, which are, as we all know, anything but ecologically sustainable. If sustainability is important to you when it comes to chocolate consumption, the bean-to-bar principle, which has already been mentioned several times, is ultimately the only option.

How can you give away our chocolate subscription?

This works very easily. On this page we have explained the Theyo gift subscription to you in detail!

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