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Weihnachtsgeschenke für Mitarbeitende

The same challenge every year: finding the perfect employee gift for Christmas. This task often causes headaches for those entrusted with it and, with increasing time pressure, gets on their last nerve. The last two Corona winters, the increased work from home and the current inflation also increase the pressure to find a particularly great gift. Fortunately, social scientists have discovered that this is often easier than expected. If you want to read more, be sure to read on!

Ideas for employee gifts for Christmas

How can I make my employees or colleagues happy this Christmas? This question often gives those responsible additional gray hairs in the weeks before Christmas. But giving gifts is easier than you think if you keep these scientifically proven tips in mind:

Rule #1: Usefulness comes before individuality

According to researchers at the University of Chicago, the answer to the question of the perfect employee gift is not that difficult. During an experiment in a museum shop, the scientists discovered that it is much less about the intention of the gift giver than is often assumed. Rather, the recipients rated their gift based on how useful it was for them personally. It doesn't matter at all whether the gift is well thought out or rather impersonal.
This means: Instead of thinking for a long time about how you can do justice to the wild mix of personalities in your employee team, focus on the actual usefulness of the employee gift !

a gift for employees A practical gift for employees at Christmas

Vouchers: The “little black dress” among employee gifts

Instead of surprising employees and colleagues with particularly individual Christmas presents, it makes more sense to look for more general gifts that everyone will like equally. Psychologists at Stanford University found that “good” gifts are primarily those that the recipient can choose for themselves. The perfect employee gift is easier than you think: According to researchers, vouchers can give the recipient the greatest joy. Supplemented by a personal message, vouchers are an ideal employee gift for Christmas.

Spoiled for choice: vouchers as a sustainable employee gift for Christmas

Of course, there are some large providers that would be particularly suitable for vouchers. And even if the large selection from Amazon and Co at first glance entices you to buy, there are more and more people who are increasingly looking for alternatives to the big players and would rather receive a sustainable gift. When looking for the right voucher, as is often the case: quality rather than quantity . Even in well-curated, smaller shops with sustainable products, there is something for everyone - and you are doing something twice as good. Particularly interesting: A voucher for everyday products, paired with transparent supply chains + sustainable products. And now you have the perfect gift for employees and colleagues.

Voucher deluxe: A chocolate voucher as an employee gift for Christmas!

Admittedly, we are a bit biased... but what would be more appropriate than a voucher for the fair and sustainable Theyo chocolate shop ? Even if the specific chocolate preferences vary - whether white, dark, with nuts or other extras or the classic milk chocolate - chocolate generally excites pretty much everyone. With a voucher you give your employees the chance to order their favorite types of chocolate to their home. And all without a guilty conscience, because our chocolates are not only delicious, but also made from fairly traded ingredients from sustainable cultivation! If you are interested in a chocolate voucher – please contact us !

And not only is a voucher for a chocolate shop a great idea, ourchocolate boxes are also particularly well received as an employee gift for Christmas and any other occasion. If you have a chocolate-loving team and want to give your employees a particularly chocolatey gift, our chocolate subscriptions might be one of the top ideas for employee gifts for Christmas!
Your employees and colleagues don't like chocolate? Scandal! How about a voucher for a (local) coffee roaster, a wine shop or fair trade spices instead?
We at Theyo hope you get through the autumn and pre-Christmas season as relaxed as possible! 🍫🎄

Chocolate tasting A chocolate box for employees is something different

FAQ employee gifts Christmas

What can I give my employees for Christmas?

Shortly before the end of the year, this question appears to many to be virtually unsolvable. But choosing the perfect employee gift is easier than you think: As we already described in the previous article, the key to success is usefulness! Or: deliciousness. Feel free to stop by our Theyo shop forchocolatey employee gifts !

Are there tax advantages for employee gifts at Christmas?

YES! They actually exist and in the article “ How to keep your employee gifts tax-free in 2023 ” you will find out everything you need to know about them!

How much can a Christmas present for employees be?

If the Christmas present is to remain tax-free, it must not have a monetary value of more than 50 euros. You can find more information in the article already linked on how your employee gifts remain tax-free in 2023 .

Can you deduct Christmas presents for employees?

Here we also link you to our article on the subject of tax-free employee gifts .

What do employees want for Christmas?

This certainly cannot be answered in general. If you really have no idea what you can give your employees ( chocolate for example), just ask them! This way you can be sure that the gift will be well received and will not languish in the closet.

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