3 extraordinary Christmas gifts for employees

Ideen für Weihnachtsgeschenke für Mitarbeitende

Christmas again? Nearly. And in times like these, you probably want to say “thank you” to your employees more than ever. Because this year, after more than two years of the pandemic, more and more work from home and the now severe inflation, was no picnic for many. Good work cannot be taken for granted under these circumstances and therefore deserves a thank you from the heart. We present you three extraordinary and motivating Christmas gifts for employees with which you can express your appreciation. Christmas can come!

#1: A chocolatey team event as a Christmas present for employees

Really good and at the same time fair chocolate? Excellent. And that in a double pack with a very special team event? Even better! So give your employees a chocolatey, digital team event ! For our chocolate tastings, each employee receives a carefully curated box of the finest chocolates delivered directly to their home. In a joint digital tasting event, the team is then taken into the world of good chocolate by certified chocolate experts: Where does cocoa grow? How are the beans processed? What characterizes fair and sustainable chocolate? And of course: How do the chocolates taste? A delicious, exciting, extraordinary and team-strengthening gift for your employees. But be careful: We can't promise that the chocolates in your employees' boxes will survive the holidays ;-) .

Team event chocolate tasting with tasting guide A delicious chocolate tasting is a good choice for a special Christmas present

Idea #2 for extraordinary Christmas presents: Chocolate themed box according to your wishes (or those of your employees)

There's no time for a team event right now? No problem. With our chocolate boxes, your employees can taste chocolate on their own. Sweeten your Christmas, for example, with our chocolate box 'El Cacao' , a curated box with the finest chocolates from South America, the cradle of cocoa. Feel free to write to us using the contact form and we will put together your employee gifts according to your wishes. Because not only does love go through the stomach, classic appreciation for employees can also be conveyed through chocolate gifts at Christmas :-)
Can there be a little more? Of course, chocolate is very exciting in itself - it even has more flavors than wine! But it gets even more exciting when paired with other great treats. How about a combination of chocolate and coffee, for example? Or chocolate and craft beer? We put together excellent pairing combinations and cooperate with real experts in the areas of wine, beer, coffee & Co, for example with BRLO, geile Weine and Coffee Circle.

#3: Fine and handmade chocolates

Of course, fine chocolates should not be missing from the list of unusual and chocolaty Christmas gifts for employees! We have two tips for chocolates that are not available in any supermarket and are guaranteed to be an eye-catcher under your employees' Christmas tree:
The pralines from pars from Berlin not only taste exceptional, but are also visually striking: geometric shapes, bright colors and elegant workmanship - pralines at a fine dining level. The pars team attaches great importance to regional and seasonal ingredients, such as flowers from our own wild collection.
A second recommendation for special chocolates is the manufacturer ' Das Bernsteinzimmer ' from Wuppertal, which was founded in 2015. Because Solveig Klein and her team produce handmade, vegan chocolates from selected, fair and completely plant-based ingredients. The chocolates taste incredibly delicious and the founder is very inspiring. Here you can find out how Solveig made chocolate her profession .

Are you having a hard time deciding? If you wish, we can also integrate the fine chocolates from the Bernstein Room or pars into a chocolate box for your employees.

Motivational Christmas gifts for employees? No problem!

No matter what you want to say “thank you” to your employees for at Christmas – we will create the right Christmas present. Contact us and we will make your employees happy :-)! For this reason
Have a cozy autumn and pre-Christmas season everyone! 🍫🍂

FAQ on the topic of “unusual Christmas gifts for employees”

What do employees want for Christmas?

Of course, this question depends primarily on the composition of your team. Try to find a gift that will appeal to the majority. For example, a bottle of wine is a great gift for the employee who goes to Piedmont every year and tastes the local wines there, but pregnant women or perhaps sick members of the team would certainly not be so happy about it. We think chocolate is the most inclusive and universal gift. Take a look at our shop !

What can you give an employee?

If you are looking for unusual gifts for your employees, we recommend that you read the article above. :-)

What do companies give for Christmas?

There are very different approaches here. We recommend giving away something useful instead of useless merchandise. Or: Something delicious. Chocolate for example?

How expensive can a Christmas present for employees be?

In this blog post you will find all the information about monetary value limits for employee gifts.

What can I give my employees for Christmas?

If by “may” we mean tax-free gifts, we also recommend this blog post .

How can I make my employees happy?

When it comes to making employees happy that is not necessarily associated with material value, it always helps to express your appreciation. This can work through public praise in meetings, through an extra break together, or even through a joint event. For an extra portion of employee joy, we recommend: A delicious chocolate tasting ! :-)

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