Attention chocolate fans: the 6 best ice cream parlors in Berlin

Schokofans aufgepasst: Die 6 besten Eisdielen in Berlin

Summer? Ice! But for us at Theyo, summer also means: chocolate time! (okay, every time is chocolate time for us 😉) It goes without saying that we are always on the lookout for the creamiest, creamiest, most delicate chocolate ice cream and sorbet - this summer too. So we set out to do nothing less than find the best chocolate ice cream parlor in Berlin. We let our critical, chocolate-spoiled palates speak for you... and chose the 7 best. Sometimes vegan, always creamy, melt-in-your-mouth and guaranteed to be chocolaty.

The insider tip among Berlin's ice cream parlors: Alphi's in Pankow

Our insider tip for excellent ice cream: Alphi's ice cream parlor in the beautiful Florakiez in Pankow. Owner Alphi makes the ice cream varieties by hand and also works behind the counter himself. Varieties such as grapefruit, pistachio, rice pudding or white chocolate with cookies are the result. His passion for really good ice cream and the joy in customer contact are noticeable. You can be sure that after a few visits he will know your favorite variety! And
Our favorite kind is – how could it be otherwise – chocolate, namely vegan dark chocolate. The sorbet tastes full of chocolate, is very rich and incredibly creamy. Alphi deliberately refrains from using oat or soy milk in order not to get a grainy taste. Instead, he manages to create a perfect vegan chocolate ice cream using water and high-quality chocolate.
We prefer to eat a contrasting, fruity sorbet with the chocolate sorbet. Our pairing recommendation: grapefruit.
In front of the ice cream parlor you can sit on a small terrace. There is also very tasty coffee from the Berliners at Coffee Circle. We can promise you: The path is also worthwhile for non-Pankowers. 😉
Ball price: 1.40 - 1.60 €
📌Alphi's Eis , Heynstraße 33, 13187 Berlin

The best ice cream parlors in Pankow? For example Alphi's... Alphi's super creamy chocolate sorbet - with compostable spoon and cup

One of those days: Ice cream and waffles in front of the fireplace in Moabit

The cozy ice cream parlor in Moabit is a dream, especially on colder summer days. The café looks like a cozy living room! Large carpets lie on the floor, logs are piled up against the walls, and there is a fireplace in one corner.
At One of these days you get delicious homemade ice cream! Whether classic chocolate ice cream, vegan chocolate sorbet or special creations such as ginger with white chocolate. Our tip: definitely enjoy with a freshly baked waffle! Coffee fans also get their money's worth and can choose between different blends.
One of these days was opened in 2015 by brothers Moussa and Junis Hakal. Their mission: to bring home-made specialties and a good mood to their hometown. A very special ice cream parlour!
Ball price: €1.20
📌 One of these days , Waldstraße 32, 10551 Berlin

Sweet and fine: high ice art in Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg

The ice cream makers from Süssfein really know their craft! It starts with the careful selection of high-quality ingredients! The chocolate for their chocolate ice cream is carefully selected. In addition, only real vanilla beans are used in the vanilla ice cream and the fruity sorbets contain a lot of real fruit. Over and beyond
In the Süssfein ice cream parlors you will find classics such as lime and walnut! But also unusual ones like Açaisorbet and Banana Brownie as well as high-percentage varieties like Moscow Mule. And
We like both the chocolate ice cream made from Belgian chocolate and the chocolate sorbet. They are beautifully creamy and full of flavor. Our pairing tip: the deliciously creamy coconut ice cream.
Ball price: €1.50
(chocolate sauce: €0.50)
📌 Sweet Fine , Brunnenstraße 156, 10115 Berlin
📌 Sweet Fine , Rykestraße 50, 10405 Berlin
Represented with two ice cream parlors in Berlin: Süssfein.
Represented with two ice cream parlors in Berlin: Süssfein.

DUO Sicilian ice cream: A piece of Italy on the Schlesi – ice cream parlors Berli

DUO has stood for Italian ice art since 1972: without artificial flavors, with the best ingredients and careful craftsmanship. Their milk ice cream flavors contain organic milk from Brandenburg, the fruit sorbets a lot of fruit. And
The chocolate ice cream at DUO tastes authentically Italian, very creamy and creamy. Incidentally, in addition to ice cream, the ice cream parlor also offers coffee and homemade Sicilian pastries. Also cakes - some are gluten-free - and fine spreads such as pistachio cream. A little holiday in Sicily ... right on the Schlesi. Besides that
Ball price : €1.50 for one (really large) ball, two for €2.50, three for €3.50
📌 DUO Sicilian ice cream , Skalitzer Str. 82, 10997 Berlin

Like in Italy: DUO, the most Sicilian of all ice cream parlors in Berlin
Like in Italy: DUO, the most Sicilian of all ice cream parlors in Berlin

My Little Ice Age: Ice cream on the most beautiful street in Neukölln

"A scoop of luck" - that is the slogan of the ice cream parlor on the most beautiful street in Neukölln, the Weserstraße. The handmade ice cream is actually pretty close to our definition of happiness! Inside you can make yourself comfortable and enjoy the ice cream and cake specialties - many of them vegan. The people behind the counter at Meine Kleine Eiszeit are super nice and children are also very welcome.
We can particularly recommend the chocolate sorbet. It tastes very intensely cocoa and is simply irresistible in combination with the homemade chocolate glaze. And a super ice cream parlor Berlin
The fruity sorbets are also wonderfully creamy. Owner Tanja deliberately avoids artificial flavors and ready-made pastes - and you can taste it. Our pairing tip for the chocolate sorbet: the particularly fruity mango sorbet.
Ball price: €1.00 (small) - €1.30 (large)
Chocolate glaze (0.30 €)
📌 My Little Ice Age , Weserstraße 45, 12045 Berlin Egg
dien Berlin

A scoop of luck: in the cozy ice cream parlor on Berlin's Weserstrasse
A scoop of luck: in the cozy ice cream parlor on Weserstrasse

Cuore di Vetro: Gelato and Sorbeto like in Italy – ice cream parlors Berlin

Even though the Italian ice cream parlor on Max-Beer-Strasse has long since ceased to be an insider tip... it simply cannot be missing from our list of the best ice cream parlors in Berlin. If you enter the Cuore di Vetro - Italian for "heart of glass" - you will be greeted by the display case filled with ice and the warm smiles of the two music and ice cream lovers Angelika and Guido. The room where they make their gelato is right inside the ice cream shop. It is only separated from the sales area by panes of glass – a heart of glass, so to speak.
Cuore di Vetro's Extra Dark Chocolate Sorbet is first class and really lives up to its name! Very dark and cocoay, without pieces, very creamy and extremely tasty. A good antidote and for us the ideal complement to the chocolate sorbet is Sicilian Pistacchio. A wonderfully creamy yet vegan pistachio ice cream with almond milk and a combo from heaven. Berlin ice cream shop
Ball price: 2 € , but large balls
📌 Cuore di Vetro , Max-Beer-Strasse 33, 10119 Berlin

Oh, we're still reminiscing about the wonderful research for this article... and we're off to the ice cream parlor around the corner. 😋 Ice cream parlors Berlin
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Whether chocolate ice cream or chocolate bar: have fun snacking!

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