How we work at Theyo

Wie wir bei Theyo arbeiten
In 2018 we took the solution into our own hands - and founded Theyo. In our online shop we offer our caramelized 'Cool Beans' as well as curated chocolates from all over the world. curated? That means selected, fair, sustainable - and of course really tasty. Here you can find out which principles we follow in our daily work.

Fair, direct trade

There are countless Fairtrade certifications and seals. However, these seals are rarely found in our online shop. Fairtrade certification is usually very expensive, the process is complicated and the list of criteria is sometimes non-transparent. Certification by third parties therefore makes no sense, especially for small farms and companies. Instead, we have set our own rules and principles for ourselves and our partners. We rely on our Theyo Codex, transparent communication and close personal contact with our partners. Safe working conditions, fair wages and a clear position against child slavery and discrimination are some of the points that make up “fair trade” for us. Without an effective advertising seal, but with all the more real interest in the people who make our high-quality chocolates.


Similar to fair trade products, there are numerous different seals for products from organic farming. Some of our partners have been awarded an organic seal, for other, mostly small producers, this certification does not make sense for cost reasons either.
This is where our Theyo code comes into play again: topics such as the preservation of biodiversity and species diversity, the conservation of resources such as water and the avoidance of pesticides are recorded in our code. Our partners are required to present their production methods transparently. Thanks to our close personal contacts, we are very close and can regularly check the quality of our products - even without an official seal.


We have already mentioned it: We do not rely on common seals and certifications by third parties. We are firmly convinced that socially and ecologically sustainable and fair products are only possible through transparency at all levels: clear common principles, binding agreements, long-term partnerships and personal communication. Our codex, in which social and environmental standards based on the UN SDGs are laid down, forms the basis of our work.
By the way , bean-to-bar production is wonderful for the traceability of production chains : from the cocoa bean to the bar, all production steps are in the hands of the chocolate manufacturer. Not only can she ensure that the chocolate is made under fair working conditions from the start, she can also influence the flavor of the chocolate at every step.


We are neither cocoa farmers nor food chemists. Since our foundation in 2018, however, we have learned a lot: about cocoa, the craft of chocolate production and also about problems such as exploitation, which unfortunately are still normal for large industrial companies.
We are driven by a deep admiration for the cocoa plant and the chocolate makers. Based on this admiration, it goes without saying that we treat our partners fairly and show the products we offer the passion and care they deserve.
Precisely because we are so fascinated by everything between glowing cocoa plantations and melt-in-the-mouth chocolate, we absolutely want to share our valuable knowledge, for example in our blog and in our regulartasting workshops . Spread the knowledge!

Cocoa pod in the sun The cocoa pod ©Raaka


Paying the manufacturers and products the respect they deserve... and showing our customers special, high-quality and fair chocolate that cannot be found on the conventional market: that is our mission. How do we do all this? We curate. We select products according to our codex, pay attention to social and ecological fairness, high quality, craftsmanship - and of course to the quality that the chocolate develops in your mouth.
In our online shop, detailed tasting notes make the purchase easier. In our blog and in tasting workshops, we tell stories about the people behind the chocolate and give tips on how to store chocolate properly.
We are delighted that you are joining us on our wonderful quest for good chocolate - "good" in social, ecological and taste-related terms! - accompanied. Let's strengthen the sustainable chocolate industry together and enjoy really special chocolate.

Good bean to bar chocolate? Do we have! Browse our online shop now.

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