Tony's Chocolonely in the Netflix series Rotten 'Bitter Chocolate'

Tonys Chocolonely in der Netflix-Serie Rotten 'Bitter Chocolate'

The Netflix series ' Rotten ' (German "spoiled") provides interesting and impressive insights into the dark side of global food production. The fifth of a total of six episodes is “Bitter Chocolate” and – as the name suggests – deals with the downside of one of our favorite luxury foods: chocolate, using Tony's Chocolonely as an example. Hardly any food is more popular in Germany or around the world than chocolate. Germany is currently the second largest chocolate consumer (per capita) worldwide after Switzerland with almost 10 kg of chocolate per year.

Tony's Chocolonely in "Bitter Chocolate"

The only problem is that very few people know where chocolate comes from or under what conditions it is grown . The episode "Bitter Chocolate" deals with exactly this. She goes back to the origins of chocolate - the cultivation of cocoa - and urgently shows the problems there. What the systematic exploitation of people and nature looks like along the chocolate supply chain. The example of Tony's Chocolonely also shows that fortunately there are also rays of hope. We are also somewhat critical of Tony's Chocolonely. Nevertheless, we give them credit for their good communication work when it comes to fair, slave-free chocolate!

Of course, neither the topic nor the approach is new. But we always think it's good when the topic is presented in a way that is easy to understand for a broader audience - even if it's sometimes a bit lurid. Therefore: if you have a Netflix account – be sure to check it out!

Save the earth it's the only planet with chocolate

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