Belyzium: Vegan chocolate from Belize and Berlin

Belyzium: Vegane Schokolade aus Belize und Berlin

The bean-to-bar revolutionaries from Berlin

Belyzium is revolutionizing the chocolate market. Sounds ambitious? It is. But the small chocolate manufacturer from Berlin is already in the thick of things. High-quality organic cocoa beans from southern Belize, transparent production chains and of course: very exciting and delicious chocolate.
Bean-to-bar – from the bean to the bar – is all the rage right now. The Belyzium team even goes one better: Tree-to-Bean-to-Bar. Every production step on the way to the chocolate bar comes from a single source. From cultivation on our own cocoa plantation, fermentation and roasting to finishing and packaging. Why? Because in this way Belyzium can guarantee transparency, a traceable production chain and fair conditions for everyone involved - after all, the farmers should earn a little money, according to founder Andrei Shibkoy.

Bean-to-Bar: Belyizium cocoa on their own farm Cocoa from Belize ©Belyzium

Belyzium: Cocoa beans from Belize

The handcrafted delights begin in Belize. The organically certified cocoa beans grow in the midst of wild forest gardens. After harvesting, fermentation and drying, the beans are shipped to Berlin. There they are gently roasted, crushed, ground and refined. The finished chocolate is then packed by hand.
"We believe that chocolate lovers deserve more than choosing between different industrially manufactured products from the supermarket," says founder Andrei. We sign that and say thank you for handmade, high-quality chocolate.


You can get the exciting chocolates in Berlin Mitte. But not only that: the cozy shop welcomes you with a great selection of extraordinary chocolate products: from hot chocolate to hot chocolate and "chocolate beer" - everything based on Belyzium beans and everything super delicious. But not only that: particularly interested hobby chocolatiers can take part in a chocolate course at Belyzium. During the chocolate course you will not only learn a lot about the manufacturing process - from the bean to the bar. Above all, you make your own chocolates in the Belyzium look and, incidentally, you also learn how Belyzium produce their chocolates from the bean in their small factory. Have fun!

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