Zotter: Fine fair trade chocolate from Austria

Zotter: Edle Fairtrade-Schokolade aus Österreich

The bean-to-bar pioneer in Europe

Zotter is a real institution when it comes to chocolate. The manufactory in Riegersburg, Austria, produces high-quality fair trade chocolate that inspires fans all over the world. Josef Zotter founded his confectionery in 1987 and from the outset placed great value on the highest quality. He was the first in Europe to produce bean-to-bar as well as organic and fair trade. For him, sustainability, diversity and quality go hand in hand.
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Zotter's chocolates consist of high-quality, natural ingredients that are processed into fine chocolate in a process that has been perfected over the years. A total of over 400 different chocolates are made in the manufactory. Incidentally, Josef Zotter still invents new varieties personally. He is supported by his daughter Julia. The rest of the Zotter family is also part of the company: his wife Ulrike manages the company, his son Michael takes care of the website and the online shop and the youngest daughter Valerie works as a “voluntary chocolate tester”. A real family business!
Whether classic chocolate bars, bars filled with marzipan or unusual flavor creations such as dark chocolate with black bread schnapps gananche - you can taste the care, expertise and great love for chocolate production.

Back to the roots ©Zotter Schokoladen Manufaktur[/caption]

Zotter: inventor of handmade chocolate

Incidentally, Josef Zotter is the inventor of filled, hand-scooped chocolate. Chocolate is considered handmade when the various layers of chocolate and the filling are spread by hand. He is convinced: no machine can do this as well as the experienced hands of his employees!
Of course, the delicacies from Austria should not be missing in our Theyo online shop either. Let yourself be won over by the fine fair trade chocolates from the family business... PS: with a bit of luck there will also be a Zotter chocolate in a tasting team event chocolate box. Just saying ;-)

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