11 vegetarian and vegan markets in Berlin that not everyone knows

11 Vegetarische und Vegane Märkte in Berlin, die nicht jeder kennt

One or the other will have noticed: At Theyo we deal a lot with the origin of our chocolate, with the quality of the ingredients and how they affect our body. And we are also very interested in really good food outside of chocolate. Fortunately, Berlin has a lot to offer us and all other veggie, vegan and eco fans. We have put together the best markets, trade fairs and events related to broccoli and quinoa for you. 😉 And even though many trade fairs and events are unfortunately canceled this year, markets are a particularly nice alternative to go shopping without a mask.

Annual vegan events and vegetarian markets in Berlin

The Green Market Berlin

We have long been fans of the Green Market, one of the first vegan lifestyle markets in Berlin. Twice a year it offers a colorful mix of food, cosmetics and fashion - all vegan. We not only like the great selection and the good atmosphere, but also the mindset behind the Green Market: conscious, sustainable consumption and exchange, all with really good food and accompanied by music. Established exhibitors like Brammibal's Donuts, the Tofutussis and Soulbottles are there as well as newer companies like... *drum roll*... we! Come visit us at our Theyo booth, we look forward to it! 🍫
Beautiful, sustainable shopping at the Greenmarket Berlin Beautiful, sustainable shopping at the Greenmarket Berlin © greenmarketberlin

Veggie World Berlin

Veggieworld is THE trade fair for vegan indulgence. Her motto: Diversity instead of renunciation, persuasion instead of persuasion. You can expect numerous stands to try things out, shop and have a chat – because the manufacturers are usually on site in person. In addition to food, there is vegan clothing and cosmetics to discover. Whether you are a convinced vegan or would like to get a little closer to sustainable consumption: At Veggieworld you can go on a tasteful journey of discovery. The list of exhibitors is published at the beginning of each year. We are excited! 🌽

The best beans at the best markets in Berlin The best beans from the best markets in Berlin: great selection at Veggieworld ©Andreas Gebert

Vegan Summer Festival Berlin

Every year in August, exhibitors set up their stands and food trucks on Alexanderplatz. From hearty to sweet to experimental, you can try the vegan delicacies. From our own experience we can assure you that vegans and people who are not usually vegans will get their money's worth. 😋 Animal and nature conservation organizations also provide information about their activities. Vegan cosmetics and clothing are also available. Well, could we infect you with our anticipation?!

Vegan feasting in the middle of Alexanderplatz Vegan feast in the middle of Alexanderplatz © Björn Fehl

Regular events in Berlin

Regional market in Neukölln: Die Dicke Linda

Regional, fresh from the farm and handmade: This is the regional market "Die Dicke Linda" in Neukölln. Every Saturday you can get fruit and vegetables from organic farmer Klaus, fresh fish from the Baltic Sea and German wines. In December, the fat Linda is Christmassy, ​​of course, with cozy music, mulled wine and nice gifts. A great small and unexcited market in the middle of Neukölln - our recommendation for your regional weekly shopping.
Every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Kranoldplatz, 12051 Berlin-Neukölln, more information here
Healthy weekly shopping in Neukölln (Photo: diedickelinda) Healthy weekly shopping in Neukölln – one of Berlin's popular markets ©Die Dicke Linda

New Market at the South Star

In the middle of Kreuzberg you can discover organic food from the region, Mediterranean specialties, handmade pasta and much more every Saturday. How about, for example, beetroot wasabi ravioli, fresh hummus without preservatives or simply unpackaged potatoes fresh from the field? By the way: If you should ever shop more than you can carry, a CO 2 -neutral bicycle courier service is available to you. 🚲
Every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Südstern (directly at the church), 10961 Berlin-Kreuzberg, more information here

Fruit, vegetables and much more directly on the U7 Fruit, vegetables and much more directly on the U7 ©Die Marktplaner

Organic market on the Dahlem domain

At the weekly organic market in Dahlem you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables from Berlin and Brandenburg, as well as organic meat, cheese specialties from the farm's own dairy, bread and wine. Meet farmers and manufacturers in person and talk about regional, sustainable consumption. Dahlem is not just around the corner for you? All the better. Simply combine shopping at the organic market with a weekend trip to the countryside. 🌾
Every Saturday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., Dahlem domain, Queen-Luise-Straße 49, 14195 Berlin-Steglitz-Zehlendorf, more information here

The Dahlem domain is worth a visit even without a market (Photo: Dahlem domain) The Dahlem domain is worth a visit even without a market ©Dohlem domain

Even more tips

Buy directly from Marktschwarmer

Marktschwarmer is not a market in the usual sense. Markschwarmer combines the personal character of a farmer's market with the convenience of online shopping. Everything under the mission: bring regionality and fairness to the plate. The movement started in Paris in 2011 and is now represented in 10 European countries. In Germany alone there are 50 crushes. A crush is where you, as a customer, pick up your pre-ordered online groceries. The special feature: you meet the farmer, the beekeeper or the baker in person!
Have a look through the website of the crush in your area. Dairy products with the Demeter seal, colorful organic vegetables, handmade delicacies and much more are waiting for you. In the online shop, the producers usually present themselves and their products in detail. You can also track how many miles the products will travel before crushing. Sustainable, regional organic food with personal contact with those who produce it - wonderful! 👯
Each crush has individual pickup times. No subscription and no minimum order value. More info here

From fruit to cakes to eco dishwasher salt: you can get everything at your Marktschwarmerei Qiez From fruit and cake to eco dishwasher salt: you can get everything at your market crush ©Qiez

Visit to Brodowin eco-village

Another recommendation for talking to producers personally and experiencing first-hand where your food comes from is the Brodowin eco-village in Chorin. You may know products from the eco-village, such as Demeter milk, from organic shops or from a market in Berlin. When you visit the farm, you can browse in the shop, take part in a guided tour or (our personal highlight!) rent a picnic bike. Cycle through Brandenburg and enjoy fruit, vegetables, bread and cheese in the middle of nature - it couldn't be fresher. By the way, there are also many small farms away from the "Brodowiner Hofladen" that offer great cakes and coffee. Another insider tip are the great lakes, which guarantee a nice cool down. Tip for cyclists: from Berlin you can take the train to Chorin, then it's only a stone's throw away by bike. Or you can take the very nice bike path - about 60km but definitely worth the ride!
Ökodorf Brodowin, Weißensee 1, 16230 Chorin-Brodowin, more information here

Our tip: a trip with picnic bikes! Ecovillage Brodowin Our tip: a trip with picnic bikes! ©Ecovillage Brodowin

Farm to table - agricultural cooperatives

You want to be actively involved in the creation of your food? Or do you want to know exactly how they grow? Self-sufficiency instead of large-scale agriculture is your thing? Then membership in a cooperative is right for you. Quasi “farm to table” you get the best fruit and vegetables at very fair prices – and you are an active helper. You can find out what that can look like at the Wilde Gärtnerei , for example .

You know exactly where it comes from (Photo: Wilde Gärtnerei) So you know exactly where it comes from! ©Wild Nursery

Berlin vegan regulars’ table

Eat delicious vegan food, meet new people and talk about everything to do with a sustainable lifestyle: that’s what the Berlin-Vegan regulars’ table is all about. Twice a month we eat, chat and plan in a vegan or vegan-friendly restaurant. New participants are always welcome! Current dates can be found on the Berlin-Vegan Facebook page .
Every first Friday and every 17th of the month from 7 p.m. Changing location. Current information on Facebook and here

Delicious food in good company at the Berlin-Vegan Stammtisch (Photo: Berlin-Vegan Stammtisch) Delicious food in good company at the Berlin-Vegan Stammtisch ©Berlin-Vegan Stammtisch

Vegetarian Hotel Almodóvar

Vegetarians and vegans are sometimes pretty stupid at the breakfast buffet in the hotel. It's different at the Almodóvar Hotel. Everything here is vegetarian, everything is certified organic, lots of it is vegan and homemade. The hotel in Friedrichshain draws its electricity from renewable sources. The wood used in their furniture comes from sustainable forestry. These are just a few points of the Almodóvar Hotel's sustainability concept. We think: Especially in the hotel industry, a conscious, sustainable and resource-saving concept like this is long overdue!
Almodóvar Hotel Berlin, Boxhagener Straße 83, 10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain, more information here

Stylish furnishings and sustainable overall concept (Photo: Almodóvar Hotel) Stylish furnishings and a sustainable overall concept ©Almodóvar Hotel

Do you have any more tips for conscious, sustainable and vegan consumption in and around Berlin? Bring it on to hallo[at] 😊 Psssst ... you can find really good chocolate from responsible retailers in our online shop .

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