Theyo-Tacheles: Direct Trade and Fairstainability

Permakultur Kakao Fairstainability
It is particularly important to us at Theyo to act as transparently as possible. We not only want to provide you with excellent chocolate, but also to tell the stories and connections behind it. Therefore, in the following, we will explain to you what we mean by fairstainability and direct trade in the context of chocolate.


Fairstainable? You may know this new word from einhorn , the condom and period article manufacturers from Berlin. Because we like the word and, above all, the meaning behind it so much, we just borrow Fairstainable . 😇 And that is what characterizes 'theo- fairstainability' : We attach great importance to the fact that all our chocolate products are manufactured under socially and ecologically fair conditions. It starts on the cocoa plantations: safe working conditions, fair wages, no (child) slavery, exploitation or discrimination. All of these important points can only be ensured if we pay reasonable prices for the cocoa and are in direct contact with farmers and cooperatives.

Peruvian rainforest – direct trade is also good for the forest Peruvian rainforest ©Unsplash

We do not want to act at the expense of other people - just as little at the expense of the environment. This is the “Sustainability” in Fairstainability . Cocoa farms are great for the climate because they house different trees that together bind CO 2 and produce oxygen. We see it as our responsibility to make chocolate production as climate-friendly as possible - and to let the trees do their part. For example, our partners are required to minimize their water consumption and avoid using pesticides. When selecting our partner farms, we are convinced by sustainable cultivation concepts such as permaculture. You can find out more about biodiversity – and how chocolate can make a positive contribution – here .
In summary, once again we borrow the words of Einhorn. "We want to take responsibility and not be part of the problem, but the solution!"

Direct trade chocolate

The chocolate supply chain is complicated. It usually stretches across several continents and takes detours via many different actors. It's different with Theyo! We rely on direct trade - not only for our own products, but also for those of our partners and makers. Direct trade, which means that the fermented and dried cocoa beans are bought directly from farmers or from cooperatives. What's special about it? Normally, middlemen are involved who buy huge quantities of cocoa from different farms and then ship them. Not only is the traceability of the origin lost, but also the certainty that farmers are paid appropriately for the cocoa. For this reason, we rely on as few intermediate steps as possible and buy cocoa as directly as we can. Not always from the farmers personally, since they have to concentrate on cultivation and harvesting, but also from small cooperatives.

Fair Cocoa, Direct Trade Direct Trade enables fair cocoa ©Unsplash

Direct Trade enables traceable retail chains, high quality and stable prices. For us, the basis for long-term partnerships and for security: planning security for farmers, and for us and you the security of getting the best cocoa for the best cool beans . If you would like to read more about Direct Trade , take a look at our texts on the individual regions of origin. Here you can find out more about our Cool Beans organic cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic. And here about the Kakao Kamili cooperative , whose cocoa beans are used by Svenska Kakaobolaget, among others.

More directly traded and sustainably grown chocolate is of course available here .

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