100% cocoa, 100% healthy!

It couldn't be purer! 100 percent chocolate is chocolate that consists only of ingredients from the cocoa bean - cocoa mass and sometimes cocoa butter. It does not contain any “non-cocoa” additives such as sugar or milk powder and is therefore completely naturally vegan and sugar-free. Do you want an intense cocoa aroma and at the same time benefit from the healthy properties of cocoa? Then you've come to the right place!

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100% Ceremony Cacao (cocoa mass)100% Ceremony Cacao (cocoa mass)
100% Ceremony Cacao (cocoa mass) Sale priceFrom €12,00(€6,00/100g)
theyo schoko probierpaket 100 prozent schokoladen
latitude uganda semuliki 100 prozent dunkle schokolade
LATITUDE – 'Semuliki 100% Uganda' Sale price€5,80(€8,29/100g)
CHOCOLATE TREE – 'Belize 100%'
CHOCOLATE TREE – 'Belize 100%' Sale price€3,90(€9,75/100g)
Sold out
Cacao Nibs - Pure & Roasted
Cacao Nibs - Pure & Roasted Sale price€5,90(€5,90/100g)
AKESSON'S – '100 % Criollo - Madagascar' Sale price€6,60(€13,20/100g)
Sold out
definite dominikanische republik 100 dunkle schokolade
DEFINITE – 'Dominican Republic 100%' Sale price€5,80(€9,67/100g)
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chocolat madagascar 100 prozent dunkle schokolade
CHOCOLATE MADAGASCAR 100% Sale price€5,50(€6,47/100g)
krakakoa arenga indonesien 100 prozent dunkle schokolade
KRAKAKOA – 'Arenga 100%' Sale price€4,90(€9,80/100g)
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The superfood cocoa!

Did you know that cocoa has numerous positive health effects? It contains a whole host of health-promoting antioxidants, vital minerals and trace elements and the invigorating and stimulating theobromine, which is similar in effect to caffeine. Cocoa is therefore an absolute “superfood”! However, the positive effects are offset by the often high sugar content in chocolate. With our 100 percent chocolates made from pure cocoa ingredients, you can benefit 100 percent from the positive properties of cocoa.

100% Terroir

By the way, 100 percent chocolate is by no means exclusively bitter. Instead, you can taste particularly intense cocoa flavors with these. From fruity, earthy, nutty, ... you will find a wide variety of cocoa flavors, depending on the origin and processing of the cocoa beans. Let us take you into the fascinating world of 100 percent chocolate!

What exactly is 100 percent chocolate? Why is she healthy?

Here you can find out everything you need to know about 100% chocolate 👇🏻

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