Easy chocolate cake: Our 5 favorite recipes

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New Year's resolutions are right and important. But instead of giving up something completely - chocolate for example - (who would come up with such a crazy idea?), we have a better idea. How about paying attention to better quality instead of sacrificing quality? Especially when it comes to chocolate, everyone benefits: people in the countries of origin, nature and ultimately you too, because really good chocolate tastes a lot better. Then in combination with flour, eggs and milk... and you have the perfect chocolate cake. We have put together our favorite chocolate cake recipes for you here. Soon we will also be sharing our interpretations of it on our blog, at the moment the recipes are (unfortunately) only available in English. Happy Baking!

Ottolenghi take-home cake

Oldie but Goldie: Of course, the list of the most delicious, simple chocolate cakes should not be without the master of sweet pastries: Yotam Ottolenghi. We are big fans of his baking book 'Sweet' and can't wait to visit one of his shops in London again hopefully in the not too distant future and sample all the delicacies. For the moment we have to get by with our own creations and luckily that works really well with this recipe. The time-enjoyment ratio is at Ottolenghi's Take Home Cake really very high!

Ottolenghi chocolate cake

Take Home Chocolate Cake © New York Times

The boy who bakes: Espresso Choco Loaf Cake

A birthday coming up? Or you just want to celebrate the weekend without video conferences with a good piece of cake? Or just life in general? The Espresso Choco Loaf Cake by 'the boy who bakes' suits every occasion! What's special about him? The cake is not only super delicious and easy to make, but also with spelled wholemeal flour. Optionally can

Her Also try wholemeal rye flour. In both cases, a delicious cake comes out.

Chocolate espresso cake with chocolate sauce

Espresso Loaf Cakes © the boy who bakes

Yossy Arefi's Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Cake

Yossy Arefi recently published a great baking book called 'Snack Cakes' which we definitely recommend you read. This easy chocolate cake with pumpkin pie spice is exactly what you need on gray days like these. We think it's particularly great that the cake contains spices that are mainly found in Mexican chocolate. The cake tastes best with a simple cinnamon-sugar glazing or with the described pumpkin spice.

Chocolate cake with pumpkin spice

Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Cake © Laura Murray

Nigella Lawson's (vegan) chocolate cake

This cake is so delicious that even anti-vegans don't even realize it's vegan. Nigella Lawson makes the cake with coconut oil and coconut butter, but of course you can also make it with the oils and fats of your choice. We have already tested different versions and were extremely satisfied with all of them.

Vegan chocolate cake

Vegan Chocolate Cake © Keiko Oikawa

Bonappetits Birthday Cake - super easy chocolate cake

Maybe today or tomorrow is a birthday? Or a normal day when you really deserve a birthday cake. And that's exactly what this is for easy one bowl chocolate cake . Are there multiple birthdays coming up? Fine! You can prepare small baking mixes so that

Her be prepared for all eventualities. Happy Birthday and Bon Appétit!

Chocolate Cake Super easy recipe

Vegan Chocolate Cake © Chelsie Craig

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Header photo by Cristina Matos-Albers on Unsplash

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