Chocolate and stress: 5 remedies for stress in moms' everyday lives

Stress im Alltag von Mamas: Welche Mittel helfen

Many mothers know the situation: they are already late for an appointment, work or the doctor. And then one child starts crying, the car keys or wallet can't be found, the other child gets whiny and then the car doesn't start or the train is late. Phew, pretty stressful. And unfortunately the reality of many moms. Because it is still women who take on a large part of the care and housework and whose stress levels often shoot through the roof. Are you a mother, tired of stress and want to go through everyday life more relaxed with the help of chocolate? In this blog post we share tips and suggestions for moms to reduce acute stress and face life a little more calmly.

Tip #1 against stress from moms: Defend your boundaries!

The best way to combat acute stress is to avoid it from the start. Well, easier said than done, you might think. But in fact, the main thing here is to accept your own limits and actively push them outward. This means that if your calendar is already full, your to-do list is endless and you don't even know where to start: Say no to additional tasks. Completely without shame and without the thought of being a bad mom.

And tasks that cannot be delegated can also be delegated. To dad, to grandma, to older siblings, to friends. Or support each other with other moms. Because when it comes to seeking help, false shame often gets in the way. But even a super mom gives up tasks and needs support. It's best to make this your new mantra or tattoo it on yourself and put it into practice. Because once the curse is broken, you will quickly realize that many people would even be happy to help you out!

#2 of tips to reduce stress: Moms also need time for themselves

An incredibly helpful way to combat stress is to take a little time for yourself every day and do something that is just for you. This doesn't have to be a grand activity that takes too much time. Instead, just 5 minutes that you dedicate to yourself are often enough. During this time, hand the children over to their dad or sit them down in front of the television for an episode of your favorite series. And dedicate at least five minutes to doing something that is just for you. This can be anything, a 5-minute meditation, a short stretch, five minutes browsing through your current book,...

Or five minutes of pure chocolate enjoyment. Even a piece of chocolate can be enjoyed mindfully and help reduce your stress level. On the one hand, chocolate contains substances that can promote the release of endorphins. On the other hand, it is their fine melting and the associated sensual sensation that makes you happy. By the way, you can find fine fine chocolate from ecologically and socially sustainable cultivation in our shop. And if you want to enjoy chocolate and support other women at the same time, our 'Chocolate Made by Women' chocolate box is just the thing! Because this is how you get a variety of fine, curated chocolates from factories run by women!

Tip #3 to combat stress in moms’ everyday lives: Practice active stress management

Your stress level is already bubbling over, your pulse is racing and you don't even know where to start? The priority here is to get down. Control your breathing, breathe in consciously, hold your breath briefly and breathe out again. Repeat this a few times or until you calm down. And then shifts down a gear. Speak slowly, breathe calmly and carry out your movements with mindfulness. If you manage to get into the habit of doing this, you will notice that the physical calm also extends to the mind and you will generally become more relaxed.

In managing stress, it also fundamentally helps to practice the principle of mindfulness. In this article we will tell you what mindfulness and chocolate have to do with each other and how both can help against PMS.

Anti-stress tip #4: Chocolate instead of coffee

If things are particularly stressful, or if the night was particularly short, coffee is often the solution to getting through the day awake. But did you know that coffee, or the caffeine it contains, promotes the release of the stress hormone cortisol? If this is released permanently, it can have negative physical consequences. A reason to question your coffee consumption. An alternative that is caffeine-free, does not trigger mom's stress and also has many positive properties is drinking chocolate .

Not only is cocoa itself a real superfood. The theobromine in chocolate can also have a stimulating effect without the negative side effects of caffeine. And the preparation of drinking chocolate and its subsequent consumption can also be practiced mindfully and therefore also counts as a me-time activity. And if you replace just one cup of coffee a day with a delicious Theyo drinking chocolate , you'll kill several birds with one stone. You give up unhealthy caffeine, drink delicious drinking chocolate and have an excuse to take time for yourself! And because our drinking chocolate comes from guaranteed fair cultivation, people and nature on the cocoa plantations also benefit from your chocolate enjoyment! So win-win-win!

Tip #5 against stress: Quality time with the family

One factor that primarily triggers the stress of working mothers is the feeling of not spending enough time with the family. And the obvious remedy for this? Plan quality time into your everyday life. Even if it's just 5 minutes of reading aloud in the evening, which you consciously spend with your little ones. Even though it may be an additional to-do on your list, it will help reduce your stress in the long run.

And: Plan fun activities for your days off that you can enjoy together as a family. By the way, delicious chocolates are also great for the family to try. Our chocolate sample boxes , such as the already mentioned 'Chocolate Made by Women' box, are particularly suitable for this.

Do you love chocolate and want to immerse yourself deeply in the world of fine chocolate with your whole family? How about a professionalTheyo chocolate tasting ? Our tastings are absolutely child-friendly and can also be done in a private setting! For further information, please contact us at

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