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Why drinking chocolate is a healthy alternative to coffee

Trinkschokolade als gesunder Ersatz für Kaffee

Restlessness, stomach and sleep problems are all possible side effects that can be associated with coffee consumption. Many people are therefore looking for a healthy alternative to replace their morning coffee and no longer suffer from these side effects. Well-known substitute products are of course caffeine-free coffee, lupine or spelled coffee and tea. Are you not convinced by these options? Then our drinking chocolate might be the healthy solution to giving up coffee for good! Why is our drinking chocolate not only a great option for abstinent coffee lovers and comes with numerous health benefits? You'll find out in this blog post!

Why no coffee – and drinking chocolate instead?

Not to distort the facts here: moderate coffee consumption is generally not harmful to your health. However, if you overdo it with the popular drink, you can suffer from unpleasant side effects: stomach pain and general digestive problems, headaches, sleep problems and inner restlessness are common side effects of caffeine. However, many people suffer from similar, unpleasant side effects even with small amounts. Or the other way around, people who consume extremely high levels of caffeine in coffee become unwell when they drink less coffee. In these cases, sufferers of both extremes often decide to give up coffee and look for an alternative.

The first attempt is usually towards caffeine-free coffee. For many people, however, the taste differs too much from the "real" alternative and is also just as acidic, so it can still cause stomach problems. Other options that are often considered next are tea or coffee alternatives such as spelled or lupine coffee. Are you not a fan of the options mentioned and are you still looking for an ideally healthy coffee substitute? Or do you simply want to try something different? Then our Theyo drinking chocolate is just the thing! Why? Be sure to read on!

Drinking chocolate – the healthy drink between meals or as an alternative to coffee

It probably doesn't surprise anyone here that we ourselves are big fans of our drinking chocolate. ;-) Our Theyo drinking chocolates turned out really well! Not only are they delicious and made from the finest fine cocoa, they are also produced fairly and sustainably. And healthy!

Healthy ingredients in our high-quality drinking chocolate

Let's start with the health aspect: Did you know that the cocoa bean is full of healthy ingredients? These include vital minerals and trace elements such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus; iron and copper. And above all, magnesium is contained in high concentrations in cocoa.

Cocoa also contains many antioxidants that help maintain important body functions. This includes a stable sugar level, a healthy cardiovascular system and lowering cholesterol levels.

Chocolate also contains the psychoactive substance theobromine. Theobromine has a similar, but milder effect than caffeine. And it also has a slightly mood-enhancing effect. Consuming drinking chocolate not only makes you awake, without the unpleasant side effects of coffee. The healthy drinking chocolate also makes you happy and helps you start the day awake and in a good mood. For example, with drinking chocolate and the theobromine it contains, you can also effectively combat the classic afternoon low!

High-quality, healthy drinking chocolate with little sugar or even sugar-free!

It's no secret that sugar is anything but healthy. Therefore, as a health alternative, it makes perfect sense to ensure moderate sugar consumption. And in terms of quality, it also makes a big difference how much sugar is contained in a chocolate. Basically, you can taste the most cocoa flavors in chocolates with a high cocoa content, around 75 percent. Chocolates, which have a high sugar content and taste bitter, were primarily made from poorly processed and over-roasted, i.e. low-quality, cocoa beans. We are therefore not fans of the term “bitter chocolate” for dark chocolate, because fine chocolate only becomes really exciting when it has a high cocoa content. And anything but bitter!

Our Theyo drinking chocolates are therefore available in different versions, differing in cocoa content and cocoa country of origin. There is the 70% drinking chocolate made from beans from the Congo , the 75% drinking chocolate with the country of origin Peru , the drinking chocolate made from Colombian beans with 82 percent cocoa content and even a completely sugar-free drinking chocolate made from 100% cocoa content, with the country of origin Peru . Apart from cocoa mass and the small amount of sugar, Theyo healthy drinking chocolate contains no other additives. So you know exactly what's in it and can benefit from the positive properties of cocoa to the maximum.

Drinking chocolate instead of coffee A break with drinking chocolate as an alternative to coffee

Enjoyment with a clear conscience: The social and ecological Theyo standards

Just like coffee, cocoa is also a product that can only be cultivated far away from Germany. This means that the production conditions are often difficult to understand on an ecological and social level. Unfortunately, when growing cocoa from conventional industrial chocolate, the local people often suffer - from wages and cocoa prices that are far too low, inhumane working conditions and the use of harmful pesticides - and nature - from the uncontrolled deforestation of the rainforest and monoculture cultivation. So how can we ensure that neither people nor the local environment have to suffer for our cocoa? Our answer to this question is the bean-to-bar principle! This means that the chocolate manufacturers know exactly about every step of production, from the bean to the finished bar. This is the only way to ensure that the cocoa has been produced in a socially and ecologically fair and sustainable manner.

By the way, we chose real chocolate superheroes as partners for our Theyo drinking chocolate: Original Beans. We have already implemented other chocolate projects with the Dutch and are generally big fans of the company from Amsterdam - not only, but of course also because of their delicious chocolates. And because we know that we can rely on them to ensure that no one, neither the people nor the local nature, has to suffer for our drinking chocolate. This is also the opinion of the Chocolate Score Board, which honored Original Beans with the Golden Egg Award this year as the most sustainable and highest quality chocolate company. You can find out more about our collaboration with the most sustainable chocolate company in the world in this blog post . 

Our drinking chocolate is prepared in no time and really makes everyone happy!

After we have already checked off the health and sustainability aspects of our drinking chocolate, now there is another plus point: The healthy drinking chocolate is prepared super quickly, can be made with water, milk or vegan milk substitutes and can be refined with other ingredients as desired. With our chocolate shaker, your drinking chocolate will be ready to enjoy in no time! It is microwave and dishwasher safe and conjures up smooth and creamy drinking chocolate in just a few seconds!

The Theyo drinking chocolates are, of course, a real taste experience, especially when taken pure. You can also refine the chocolates with other ingredients as you wish and personalize your drinking chocolate to your taste. Whether with spices, honey or agave syrup, there are no limits to your creativity!

Our drinking chocolate is healthy, a great alternative to coffee and fair for everyone!

As we discovered in this blog post, Theyo drinking chocolate stands out for more than just its delicious taste. In addition, it is a healthy alternative to coffee, was produced under socially and ecologically sustainable conditions and can be prepared in seconds!

Our drinking chocolate is a great alternative to coffee, or simply a way to replace a cup of coffee a day. Because we at Theyo are team chocolate, but we also love coffee. Did you know that cocoa and coffee have numerous similarities and also make a great pairing in chocolate tastings, for example? If you want to find out more about it, our chocolate coffee tasting is just right for you. Because as long as you consume coffee in moderation - and in combination with fine chocolate - you don't have to worry about your health :-)

In our shop you will not only find our drinking chocolate, but also a large selection of finely curated bean-to-bar fine chocolates , gift sets and sample packages , as well as delicious cocoa snacks !

FAQ on the topic of “healthy drinking chocolate”

Which drinking cocoa is healthy?

We focus primarily on chocolates with short lists of ingredients, not only from a health perspective but also from a quality perspective. Unnecessarily high amounts of sugar, non-cocoa flavors, fats and lecithins are usually a sign of lower quality and are also unhealthy. We therefore recommend our Theyo drinking chocolates, which have the full cocoa flavor, even better than cocoa powder, and no unnecessary additives have been added.

How healthy is drinking chocolate?

Of course, this depends on the product used. However, homemade drinking chocolate is usually significantly healthier than pre-bought cocoa drinks. In most cases, the latter contain an unnecessary amount of sugar and unhealthy flavors and preservatives. When you make homemade drinking chocolate, you know how much sugar it contains and you can completely avoid other unhealthy ingredients.

Which drinking cocoa is the best?

For us, drinking chocolate beats powdered drinking cocoa by far. The cocoa flavor comes out much better in drinking chocolate, the chocolate is creamier and has a nicer texture. If you want to find out more about the different cocoa variants, for example which are better for baking and which are better for mixing cocoa drinks, we recommend our blog post Cocoa powder: What is alkalized cocoa and what variants are there?

Which baking cocoa is healthy?

As long as the cocoa is largely untreated, it is mostly healthy. We also recommend that you use untreated organic cocoa from fair and sustainable cultivation.

What's better than coffee?

We find: Our drinking chocolates ! Quick to prepare, creamy and delicious, they are the perfect alternative to coffee, without unpleasant side effects such as stomach pain, restlessness or insomnia.

What tastes similar to coffee?

There are now numerous coffee alternatives. This includes, among other things, spelled and lupine coffee. If the effect of the caffeine it contains bothers you, you can also switch to caffeine-free coffee. The only thing that helps here is to try out different options.

What to drink if you don't like coffee?

Here too it's clear: our Theyo drinking chocolate ! As mentioned, they make a great coffee replacement without the same unpleasant side effects.

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