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Are you a passionate tea drinker? Or do you like to try something new? Then you've come to the right place with the chocolate tea tasting. Because here you can discover two very special products: the finest fine chocolate and delicious teas - in combination an unbeatable team!

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Match made in Chocolate Heaven

During this interactive chocolate and tea tasting, you will embark on a taste journey through the delicious diversity of the original chocolate and tea world and its rich aromas. Lean back, let this special taste melt in your mouth and experience your favorite chocolate in an exciting new way combined with exquisite teas.

We give you a comprehensive introduction to the world of fine chocolate , provide you with background knowledge as well as tips and tricks on how to really enjoy chocolate. At the same time, you can enjoy high-quality tea that goes perfectly with the selected chocolate. This aroma-enhancing combination makes the tea taste even more intense and lets you discover fascinating details.

As we prepare the tea, we discuss methods of preparation, health benefits, tips for storage, blending, and mindful consumption of food. Chocolate is known to ensure a positive well-being and stimulates your feelings of happiness. The combination of both foods. Tea and chocolate ensure even more pleasant moments and fill you with warming well-being.

The workshop is anything but a frontal presentation: surveys, discussions and Q&A sessions make the tasting an interactive chocolate & tea experience . The different flavors of the exquisite tea blend elegantly with the original chocolate. We take you on a culinary journey of pleasure around the world with fine chocolate and the matching tea specialties selected for you.

First things first

The experience includes

  • Tasting of 3 (Basic Tasting) or 5 (Premium Tasting) different fine chocolates
  • Delicious tea samples to go with the chocolate
  • Tasting workshop
  • Tasting Materials
  • Interactive exchange in small groups

What you need

  • curiosity
  • Quiet
  • If necessary: ​​small or large co-buttons: inside (otherwise there will be more for you ;-) )

number of participants

from 10 people

Length of time

Approx. 60 to 90 minutes

season / availability

  • The season for chocolate tasting is (of course) all year round

Would you like to learn more about chocolate tea tasting? No problem, feel free to contact us!

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In the tasting you will learn...

Do you like tea and chocolate? Then you will love the combination of both! In addition to the delicious aromas, the two products have a wonderfully relaxing and activating effect without stirring up.
The quote from Tang Dynasty scholar Lu Yu therefore applies perfectly to both products:
“Tea [like chocolate] calms high spirits and quiets the spirit; stimulates the mind and prevents drowsiness, refreshes the body and clears the senses.”

What awaits you in our chocolate tea pairing tasting? We explain

  • how chocolate is made
  • what distinguishes fine chocolate from chocolate from the supermarket shelf,
  • what you should pay attention to when enjoying chocolate,
  • which techniques you can use to taste aromas particularly well,
  • the types of tea based on the tea offered,
  • the right tea-chocolate pairing for an unforgettable and experimental taste experience.

...and of course everything you always wanted to know about chocolate. Our enthusiastic chocolate experts will be happy to answer your questions on all chocolate-related topics.

More than just a chocolate tasting

Isabella Michel - Administration Specialist, SAP 

"The tastiest team event we've had at SAP so far. Time passed way too quickly. Truly an exciting and delicious trip around the world!”

Paul End - Senior Consultant Strategy & Innovation, different

"The Theyo team accompanied me perfectly from the chocolate expert call to the shipping and the great chocolate tasting and thus made a decisive contribution to the success of our self-guided tasting. An absolute recommendation!”

Juan Martinez - Key Account Manager, Babbel

"Great team event! Tasty, educational and completely new taste experiences! Who would have thought that chocolate could just taste like grapefruit? It doesn't get any better than that!"

Digital and on-site team or group events

Armed with new knowledge, we taste the chocolate and tea samples together, look behind the scenes of the individual manufacturers and discover and discuss the exciting aromas and new impressions. All this with a fine tea sidekick - for an extra sensual, focused and above all delicious tasting!

In short: We'll take you on a very special, chocolaty taste excursion!

Meet your chocolate hosts

tasting berlin host coco


Our Head of Tasting Coco has already moderated over 300 chocolate tastings. She knows our chocolates and their flavors like no one else on the Theyo team.


Our co-founder Moritz has already visited different cocoa countries of origin and takes you on an exciting journey to the cocoa trees.

tasting berlin host madita


Our co-founder Madita is not only enthusiastic about chocolate, but above all about the socio-ecological conditions and gives you exciting insights into the chocolate sector.

Ciao cocoa!

We look forward to hearing from you

Moritz little Bornhorst

Chocolate Eating Officer

Phone: +49 (0)30 4036376 50
Email: hello[at]theyo.de

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Our (digital) chocolate tastings are the ideal gift idea for your team, friends or family. Book your tasting directly or contact us and we will issue you a gift voucher. The gifted person - or your whole team - can choose between our diverse tasting options. The perfect voucher for your group event!

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Chocolate Tasting Boxes

In addition to our different tastings, you can order our delicious chocolate tasting boxes - consisting of the finest fine chocolate - from us in the Theyo shop. These are also suitable as a perfect gift for your dearest colleagues or friends - whether for Christmas, a birthday, a wedding or as a gift for in between. Our chocolate boxes are suitable for every occasion and make the hearts of all chocolate aficionados beat faster.

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