Digitale Events

At Theyo, SAP has found the perfect virtual team event

SAP is one of the largest listed software companies in the world and helps companies become more digital.
Online vor dem Laptop ein Schokoladentasting, beide halten die Schokolade hoch und genießen das Teamevent

Remote team event

Organizing an original and varied team event while working from home is a real challenge. In addition, due to SAP's global orientation, many teams work internationally and remotely anyway. It was therefore all the more important to create a positive, shared experience that strengthens cohesion and promotes closeness between team members.

“The tastiest team event we’ve had at SAP so far. The time passed far too quickly. Truly an exciting and delicious journey around the world!”

Isabella Michel
Administration Specialist

Virtual tasting, real taste

The solution to this was soon found. True to the motto “chocolateas a socialglue”, the 20-strong team spent a joint taste excursion in the digital space with the certified chocolate experts from Theyo. The chocolate boxes required for this were previously sent by Theyo. After a short input on the topic of origin and production of chocolate, we continued with a premium chocolate tasting. In the almost 90-minute workshop, the participants discovered and discussed aromas that they usually know from wine. And best of all, there was still plenty of chocolate left to enjoy after the event.

Conclusion: Virtually Delicious

The mix of digital discussion, new experiences and a shared, physical experience made the team event one real success.