heiße Schokolade

How you can eat even more chocolate

Wie Ihr noch mehr Schokolade essen könnt
Whether white chocolate, vegan milk chocolate, dark chocolate or something in between. We show you the best and most delicious ways to integrate chocolate into your everyday life and your recipes. For a nicer everyday life and the best recipes ;-) After all, chocolate deserves a little more love and affection. And you anyway :-D

From the bean to the bar

Before the chocolate ends up in your recipe or on your tongue, the cocoa beans have to travel a long way. The origin of the cocoa beans lies around the world like a chocolate belt – at a maximum of 23 degrees north or south of the equator. There the tropical cocoa trees - Theobroma Cacao (by the way also our namesake ;-) ) - prefer to grow in sustainable cultivation in permaculture . The cocoa harvest and post-harvest process is very labor intensive and still involves a lot of manual work. After the cocoa pods are ripe, they are harvested. The cocoa beans are removed from the pods, they are fermented , dried, roasted and finally processed into chocolate.
At the beginning of the processing process, for example, our cool beans and cocoa nibs ( pure and caramelized ) are created, as well as cocoa butter , cocoa powder and, of course, chocolate. The largest exporters of cocoa worldwide are Ghana and Ivory Coast. However, we prefer fine cocoa from Latin America or East Africa. Even with a high cocoa content, these do not taste bitter at all, but rather intensely chocolaty and full-bodied.

The cocoa tree is native to South and Central America

Best chocolate recipes for more chocolate in your life

Hot & cold chocolate

The pinnacle of chocolate recipes are definitely chocolate drinks. Because here the taste remains fairly unadulterated or the certain types of milk can be emphasized particularly beautifully. In summer also with lots of cream and nibs for extra crunch.


Cookies, Cakes & Brownies

We believe that a cake is only perfect if it contains chocolate. We have tested the best recipes for you so that you no longer have to suffer from chocolate deficits in your cakes. Do you prefer something more intense? Then we would recommend brownies or our infamous chocolate cookies! Absolute must eat.

chocolate for breakfast

In keeping with the early bird proverb, we too believe that we can't integrate chocolate into our day too soon. As one or the other may already know from our chocolate tasting team events or online tastings, it is best to try fine chocolate immediately after getting up, because then your taste buds are still “waking up”. If that’s too strenuous for you in the morning, you can choose the less complicated option instead and eat granola with nibs. Or just truffles, because from our point of view truffles always work ;-) Whatever you decide - we wish you a good appetite :-)

chocolate granola

You want more about the history of (fine) chocolate, about the flavors and how to taste chocolate properly? Then a chocolate tasting as a team event could be just the right thing.

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