AKESSON'S – '100% Forastero Cocoa & Cocoa Nibs'

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The chocolate:

This intense 100% chocolate is buttery despite its maximum cocoa content, with a great melt. Roasted cocoa nibs are added as an encore, giving the extremely delicate chocolate a robust crunch. Once in the mouth, the chocolate melts beautifully slowly, gradually revealing the aromas of roasted cacao nibs and subtle hints of coffee and raisins. No added sugar gives this bar the intense, almost savory flavor that we love about 100% chocolate. The addition of natural cocoa butter reduces bitterness and softens tannins, resulting in a very approachable 100% chocolate.

Brazil 🇧🇷
Direct Trade:
100% chocolate
Weitere Eigenschaften:
Lactose-free, soy-free, without emulsifiers, gluten-free, sugar-free
akessons schokolade aus brasilien und madagaskar


The Swede Bertil Åkesson was born with a fascination for cocoa and fine spices. After spending parts of his childhood in Madagascar, he decided as an adult to grow premium cocoa beans and spices in a sustainable way. On the one hand, ÅKESSON'S supplies chefs and chocolatiers around the world and, on the other hand, produces its own exclusive chocolates. The award-winning company's plantations are located in Madagascar, Brazil and Indonesia.


Cocoa cultivation in Brazil has been faced with major challenges for several years. In the 1980s, the country was still the world's second largest producer of cocoa, but today it is only 7th, and the trend is falling. The reasons for this are the declining income of cocoa farmers, the lack of cocoa unions and the spread of the fungal disease 'witches broom', which cannot be stopped. But despite the current difficulties, Brazil stands out as a pioneer in the field of reforestation and biodiversity in cocoa cultivation. The remaining 70,000 cocoa farmers who have not yet given up are also increasingly relying on the only effective means to heal the cocoa plants: sustainable cultivation.

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About Theyo

As a social startup, we not only want to sell the best products, we also want to help create global trade justice. Our goal is to make the chocolate world a better place by distributing responsibly manufactured products and promoting more conscious chocolate enjoyment. The protection of original varieties, biodiversity and fair prices - well above world market prices - are therefore our focus!

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