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The chocolate:

Auro chocolates are made from the finest Filipino beans. But not only that: Auro's chocolate is not only single origin but single estate. This means that it was made exclusively with cocoa beans from a very specific region. Auro tries to carefully work out the special characteristics and the terroir of the respective varieties.

This little bar is a real treasure of gold! The name Auro derives from AU, the chemical symbol for gold, and ORO, Filipino or Spanish for "gold." The Filipino company has been producing fine bean-to-bar chocolate since 2015 exclusively from directly traded Filipino cocoa beans. These special cocoa varieties can be traced back as far as 300 years! But now enough with the history lesson and get to the table: This chocolate is also worth its weight in gold in terms of taste. Creamy milk chocolate meets crunchy cocoa nibs. A harmonious milk chocolate with that certain something!

The chocolate bar of a different kind: Auro's award-winning creamy milk chocolate meets fine cocoa nibs for an additional crunch. Are you interested in cacao nibs? Here you can find out how healthy they are and what else you should know about cacao nibs .

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Direct Trade:
Milk chocolate with inclusions
auro schokolade aus philippinen


Auro is a newcomer among the bean-to-bar manufacturers. Founded in 2015, the Filipino company sources its cocoa beans directly from local farmers who are known for cultivating and thus preserving old and special cocoa varieties. Auro pays the cocoa farmers higher prices to ensure high quality beans and improve the farmers' standard of living. Through direct contact, they can improve cultivation and fermentation styles together.


Currently, the Philippine cocoa sector is booming and recovering from the long-lasting low that can be explained by political mismanagement in the 1980s. Many Filipino farmers now dare to resume cocoa cultivation. Also because the government is specifically promoting cocoa cultivation. The Philippines were originally the first Asian country to actively produce cocoa: the first cocoa seeds of the Criollo variety found their way to the islands as early as the 17th century. Unfortunately, the traders back then were the Spanish colonialists and not the Filipinos themselves. Most cocoa is currently grown in the Davao region on the island of Mindanao. Philippine single-origin chocolate was still considered a rarity for a long time. However, some bean-to-bar manufacturers are now offering fine chocolate based exclusively on Filipino beans.

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