Chocolate subscription classic (vegan) - 3 months

Welcome to the Tasting Club!

Anticipation is the greatest joy. That's what they say. However, we are even happier now that our chocolate subscription is finally starting! In this case, a subscription that gets your heart pumping and your taste buds jubilant. Because it contains 5 dark (and therefore vegan) chocolate products. With these you can taste the fine aromas of the fine flavor cocoa beans particularly well.

And not only that: You even have the choice between a vegan version with dark chocolate (the one offered here) and the subscription box 'MIXED' with light and dark chocolate .

By the way: In the interests of sustainability, we try to avoid packaging waste as much as possible. That's why we send you a box, tasting materials and of course delicious chocolates with the first delivery. After that we will focus on the essentials - the dark chocolates - and send them in a smaller grass paper mailer. This protects the environment and saves you an additional trip to the garbage. Of course, the follow-up boxes also contain specific tasting notes for each chocolate. And don't worry: we will of course point this out again in the first box.

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Sale price€90,00
Sofort Verfügbar innerhalb von 2 - 4 Tagen bei Dir Zuhause
Kostenfreier Versand ab 49€
Mit Liebe in Berlin verpackt
Nachhaltig & fair produziert



The best dark, vegan chocolate straight to your mailbox every month. What could be better? At least nothing from our point of view! That's why we take the greatest care in selecting the most exciting and delicious chocolates for your subscription boxes!


We are always looking for the finest and fairest bean-to-bar chocolates in the world. Good for you, because the most exciting chocolates go straight to your subscription boxes. So you can celebrate with your taste buds - because the delicious bars always come straight to your home in the middle of the month . Embark with us on a fascinating taste excursion and a delicious journey around the world.


For reasons of sustainability, we try to avoid packaging waste as much as possible. In a way, this somewhat contradicts the idea of ​​a subscription concept. That's why we decided to design the subscription as a refill model. With the first delivery you will receive a box, the associated tasting materials and of course your chocolates. While the latter are meant for immediate enjoyment, we would ask that you keep the box and tasting instructions for future chocolate deliveries. These come directly to your home with as little packaging as possible. And don't worry: there's a reminder in the first box!

📫 If you have any questions, feel free to contact us !

All Around the Chocolate World
Direct Trade:
Dark chocolate
Weitere Eigenschaften:
Lactose free, gluten free


We at Theyo have specialized in the production and curation of chocolate products made from traceable and transparently traded fine flavor cocoa. Each cacao bean has a unique flavor profile that is influenced by climate, soil and farm management. We love these original flavors and try to bring them out in all our products. No artificial flavors and additives, no frills, but with fair and sustainable supply chains!

Origin Matters

The origin of the cocoa is of central importance for our boxes in several respects: In terms of taste, since the variety of aromas in chocolate, similar to coffee or wine, depends to a large extent on the geographical and climatic conditions in the country of origin of the cocoa. And socially and ecologically, because good chocolate is only really good if it promotes global fairness, local added value and work on an equal footing.

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About Theyo

As a social startup, we not only want to sell the best products, we also want to help create global trade justice. Our goal is to make the chocolate world a better place by distributing responsibly manufactured products and promoting more conscious chocolate enjoyment. The protection of original varieties, biodiversity and fair prices - well above world market prices - are therefore our focus!

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