Losing weight with chocolate - what's the truth behind the myth?

Abnehmen mit Schokolade – was ist dran am Mythos?
We at Theyo are chocolate fans with body and soul and love to look behind the facade of our favorite snack. Today's topic: losing weight and chocolate. Sounds impossible? But it is not. Maybe you know it from your own experience. Giving up all sweets and other unhealthy snacks overnight is really hard, rarely works... and makes you pretty grumpy. What if we told you that chocolate can even help you lose weight? We look beyond the calorie information and check what health aspects chocolate serves. You will find out why we crave sweets when we are stressed and how you can break your snacking habits. Dark chocolate instead of sinful sweets! 💪

The craving for sweets

Who does not know it? You're busy, little time, it's only Tuesday and feels like Friday afternoon... and you're craving sweets. Common stress eating traps look something like this. In stressful situations, the body needs more energy and more glucose - so the desire for sweets is completely natural. If you then eat sweets, the sugar they contain quickly lowers the level of cortisol, a hormone released during stress. This is good at first and satisfies cravings, but in the long run a lot of sugar is unhealthy and makes you fat.
But what if you didn't eat a bag of candy, but just a piece of dark chocolate? You can now find out why this can be just as rewarding and what good effects dark chocolate has on our body.
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Abnehmen mit Schokolade – geht das? Losing weight with chocolate - is that possible? ©Unsplash

Why Dark Chocolate Helps You Lose Weight

Of course, dark chocolate also contains mostly sugar and quite a few calories. But she also has really good qualities in her luggage! Dark chocolate is high in fiber, antioxidants like flavonoids that can help fight stress, and even contains vitamin D. Thanks to theobromine and other neurotransmitters, it also has stimulating and mood-boosting effects. Especially when you are in the process of changing your diet from scratch, such a mood lifter is very motivating!
And what's more: some people, including TV presenter and actress Ruth Moschner, swear by two pieces of dark chocolate before every meal. This should satisfy the first hunger, keep the appetite in check and boost the metabolism. So far we have enjoyed chocolate more as a dessert - so our self-experiment à la Ruth Moschner is still pending.
One thing is certain: when you switch from sweet milk chocolate to dark, comparatively bitter chocolate, your sense of taste also changes. What you previously found to be pleasantly sweet may suddenly seem far too sweet. And it is precisely this reprogramming of your sense of taste that can help you lose weight.

Eat chocolate and still lose weight? The darker the better ©Unsplash Eat chocolate and still lose weight? The rule here is: the darker the better ©Unsplash

reprogram habits

Our diet depends heavily on habits. These are often the hardest to break when it comes to losing weight. How do you manage to switch from sinful sweets and greasy salty snacks to good chocolate?

Watch your eating habits closely. For example, do you grab snacks in stressful situations? Have a high-quality dark chocolate on hand and see how your body reacts to this stress-buster. Maybe the delicious cocoa creation will become your new office snack?
Our tip: Slowly approach chocolate with a high cocoa content. If you are an absolute milk chocolate fan, start with a 70% chocolate. Maybe you even dare to approach a high-proof one? Remember: The good thing about chocolate is in the cocoa. In other words: more cocoa means less sugar and more concentrated cocoa power. And if you get used to the taste of dark chocolate, you can even reduce your cravings for very sweet snacks.
What we love about dark chocolate, apart from great taste and properties, is the conscious enjoyment. Letting them slowly melt on your tongue, perceiving the aromas of the cocoa beans... ahh.

3 tips on how to use chocolate to lose weight:

  • Dark chocolate. Chocolate with at least 70% cocoa content contains less sugar and more great substances from the cocoa bean. You want to enjoy completely sugar-free? Then we recommend the Raaka Yacon , which is sweetened only with the Yacón root. Guaranteed without refined sugar.
  • Good quality. If chocolate, then high quality! Good chocolate does not need any artificial additives such as soy lecithin or vanillin. Therefore, opt for chocolates from manufacturers who understand their craft and make it transparent which ingredients they use and where they come from. So you know what's in it and if it's good for your body. By the way, you can find a curated selection of high-quality chocolates from selected manufacturers in our online shop .
  • Balanced nutrition. Feel free to incorporate chocolate into your routines in moderation. For example as a remedy against stress or as a snack before a meal. Then it can fit wonderfully into a balanced diet and motivate you to break other habits as well.

A little (chocolate) love to finish...

Chocolate is not a magic bullet for weight loss. But consciously selected and enjoyed, dark chocolate can help you achieve healthier routines and reprogram your sense of taste. And quite apart from that: Chocolate is – at least we can speak for ourselves – simply part of feeling good. Constantly going without and counting calories usually only makes you more stressed and certainly not happy. So feel free to question your habits, trick your taste buds and never forget: you are beautiful, one way or the other! 💛

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