Iced Chocolate mit Kokos-Sahne-Topping

Healthy drinking chocolate: Vegan iced chocolate with cocoa nibs and coconut cream

This summery drinking chocolate, the vegan iced chocolate with cocoa nibs, coconut cream topping is simply a dream! Click here for the recipe!

RezepteNicht nur zu Ostern praktisch: Veganer Eierersatz! Auf dem Bild zu sehen: eine Schale voller bunter Ostereier

No eggs, no problem: 8 vegan alternatives as an egg substitute

At first glance, eggs seem indispensable when it comes to baking. They serve as a kind of "glue" that holds cakes, muffins, and pastries together. But there are many (good) reasons not to eat eggs:...

RezepteWas ist blonde Schokolade?

What is blonde chocolate?

Have you ever heard of blonde chocolate? No? That absolutely has to change. We tell you why!

BrowniesDer Schoko-Klassiker mal anders als Brownies mit Halva und Tahini, geschnitten auf einem Backblech

Brownies with halva and tahini - the chocolate classic with a difference!

Do you love chocolate brownies and fancy a new variation? This Halva Tahini Brownie recipe hits the spot!

KakaosortenKakaopulver: was ist alkalisierter Kakao und welche Varianten gibt es?

Cocoa powder: what is alkalized cocoa and which variants are there?

You want to know what the difference is between high and low de-oiled or alkalized and non-alkaline cocoa? Here you can find out everything about the different types of production and when you shou...

KuchenRicotta-Haselnuss-Cheesecake Rezept

A slightly different cheesecake: ricotta hazelnut cheesecake

You love cheesecake, but fancy a different recipe? Then our ricotta hazelnut cheesecake is just the thing!