Frische Sahne für das Kakaonibs Sahne Topping

Cocoa nibs and cream topping

You would like to give your cake, your hot chocolate, or your ice cream that certain creamy something? Then you are exactly right here…

EisschokoladeEisschokolade mit Kakaonibs-Sahne-Topping in der Tasse nach Rezept

Iced chocolate with cocoa nibs and cream topping

Are you looking for a recipe for the best and most special ice chocolate? This way, please!

Rezeptsaftiger Schokoladenkuchen mit Glasur auf einem Kuchenteller nach Rezept

Fast juicy chocolate cake: the best recipe

There are far too many elaborate cake recipes! On the other hand, it often takes a little longer to find a recipe for a really good, quick and moist cake. To make your search easier, we are sharin...

heiße Schokoladeheiße Schokolade mit Schuss in einer Tasse nach Rezept

Hot chocolate with a (slightly different) shot

Everyone can make hot chocolate with a "shot". But how about a slightly different shot? This hot chocolate comes with a good portion of stout and a hint of chilli.

heiße SchokoladeHeiße Schokolade in einer Tasse mit Earl Grey und Erdbeeren nach Rezept

Drinking chocolate with Earl Gray and strawberry

Drinking chocolate is not just drinking chocolate. This one is with Earl Gray & strawberries and is guaranteed to taste very special...