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No sugar, baby! The sugar-free chocolates on this page are either made from 100 percent cocoa ingredients or have been sweetened alternatively. Immerse yourself in the world of sugar-free chocolate, let yourself be enchanted by the 100 percent cocoa aroma or discover the exciting flavor combinations of cocoa and alternative sweeteners.

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theyo vegane-trinkschokolade 100 prozent peru cuscotheyo vegane trinkschokolade drops
100% drinking chocolate Cusco (Peru) | sugar-free chocolate drops Sale priceFrom €14,90(€7,45/100g)
100% Ceremony Cacao (cocoa mass)100% Ceremony Cacao (cocoa mass)
100% Ceremony Cacao (cocoa mass) Sale priceFrom €14,90(€7,45/100g)
Sold out
AKESSON'S – '100 % Criollo - Madagascar' Sale price€6,60(€13,20/100g)
Sold out
akessons brasilien 100 forastero nibs dunkle schokolade
AKESSON'S – '100% Forastero Cocoa & Cocoa Nibs' Sale price€6,60(€13,20/100g)
auro saloy 100 philippinen
AURO – 'Saloy 100%' Sale price€5,90
chocolat madagascar 100 prozent dunkle schokolade
CHOCOLATE MADAGASCAR 100% Sale price€5,50(€6,47/100g)
Sold out
definite dominikanische republik 100 dunkle schokolade
DEFINITE – 'Dominican Republic 100%' Sale price€5,80(€9,67/100g)
Cacao Nibs - Pure & Roasted
Cacao Nibs - Pure & Roasted Sale price€5,90(€5,90/100g)
theyo kakaoschalentee vegan
Cocoa shell tea Sale price€5,00(€5,00/100g)
Sold out
krakakoa arenga indonesien 100 prozent dunkle schokolade
KRAKAKOA – 'Arenga 100%' Sale price€4,90(€9,80/100g)
kuna 100 prozent ecuador rio verde esmeraldas dunkle schokolade
KUNÁ – '100% Rio Verde Esmeraldas' Sale price€2,90(€0,97/10g)
kuna esmeraldas 100 prozent ecuador
latitude uganda semuliki 100 prozent dunkle schokolade
LATITUDE – 'Semuliki 100% Uganda' Sale price€5,80(€8,29/100g)
original beans peru cusco 100 dunkle schokolade
ORIGINAL BEANS – 'Cusco 100%' Sale price€5,90(€8,43/100g)
Sold out
soklet 100 kakao indien
SOKLET – '100% India' Sale price€5,90(€11,80/100g)
soklet milchschokolade zuckerfrei indien
SOKLET – 'Milchschokolade ohne Zucker' Sale price€5,90(€11,80/100g)
theyo schoko probierpaket 100 prozent schokoladen
Sold out
'No Sugar, Daddy' tasting boxtheyo schoko probierpaket zuckerfreie schokoladen
'No Sugar, Daddy' tasting box Sale price€30,00
zuckerfreieschokolade gesund

Why no sugar?

Sugar is one of the most harmful ingredients that we consume in far too high quantities in Western countries. High sugar consumption can promote obesity, diabetes and other physical ailments. From a health perspective, restricting, or at least consciously consuming, the popular sweetener makes perfect sense. And also on an experimental level.

datteln zuckerfrei schokolade

Sugar alternatives

Because chocolates made from 100 percent cocoa or with alternative sweeteners such as maple or date sugar open up new cocoa flavor worlds for you! While the 100 percent chocolates are a pure aromatic experience and anything but bitter, the alternative sweeteners in the other chocolates perfectly complement and enhance the cocoa flavors they contain. No sugar baby, with full chocolate enjoyment!

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